noticed I miss Germany a lot. I can talk about nuances of the German language and communication culture for hours and not get bored from it now.... like the difference between "hab dich lieb" und "ich liebe dich"... I must miss my home a lot.

@comradefox I'm German and gonna follow you to up your German follower count! :D

I you're ever in Seattle, esp. Fremont area. try the Royal Grinders right next to the lenin statue. they're excellent. haha yeah. I have a list I made about things I didn't like about Germany. like it can be harder to find spicy food. but it's mostly minor things. and there are so many regional differences. I miss Germany a lot. and continuously talk about it. doesn't help that my slack name as the work starts with "German"
a fun list. I'm gonna try listening to what I talk excitedly about and make a similar one.

@ninapost yes, in Fremont. It's a bit expensive, so will probably look for another after the lease is over.

@plsburydoughboy I agree, I didn't think Ride of Triad was any good. Then again I never liked shooters from the era it tries to replicate.

@tariqk what really helped me is to read up on pmdifferent personality types and how they deal with stuff. once I knew my own and my wife's it makes a lot of things easier it at least clearer.

People... you can be so much happier when you stop confusing "personal brand," the size of your "reach," and the quantity of your received "impressions" with yourselves, and if Mastodon doesn't allow you to successfully port over your social currency, then maybe that's not a bug, maybe it's a DAMN FEATURE.

@danvers wahrscheinlich muss er weniger intranet ausbauen und kann dennoch mehr kunden bedienen.

@Sweet_Tango_Chill Priest, Marriage counseling and phone store in one place!

@Sweet_Tango_Chill hahaha, true. :D "Oh his phone buying skills are so hot, *swoon*" Is definitely something I haven't heard before. :D

@rx Nice! Be there soon! I have cousins in Vancouver, so not too far away :)

@rafial maybe there'd be a way to emulate that. Make music out of code, but in a more literal(?) sense. :D

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