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RebelMoogle @RebelMoogle

Returning to in 8 days, getting jittery.

I hope we find an apartment quickly. :)

Any Seattlelites out there?

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@mijo woot! Awesome! I lived there for three years, but been in Germany the past two. :)

and returning for a programming job (as expected :) )

@RebelMoogle nice! I've lived here for 3 years as well :)

@mijo ah cool! Where did you move from, if I may ask? (I'm from NW Germany originally)

@mijo wow! cool. I've only been to San Diego once, and only half a day. :D (I can't stand too much heat or sun and love rain, so Seattle is perfect for me. :D )

@RebelMoogle me too! after living there for 19 years, I couldn't stand the heat

@rx Nice! Be there soon! I have cousins in Vancouver, so not too far away :)

@ninapost yes, in Fremont. It's a bit expensive, so will probably look for another after the lease is over.