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RebelMoogle @RebelMoogle

je m'apelle John, je voudrais attendre(?) francais...

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"attendre" means wait, did you mean "apprendre" wich means learn?

@RebelMoogle Well I guess social network is kinda weird place to learn a proper language as we don't really write like how we speak :sweat_smile:

But anyway there's quite a lot of french speaking people here, so you might learn a bit :)

@Flow_for_President true! Maybe I can find a french meetup after I move. (gonna move to Seattle in two weeks)

Sounds great, where will you go from? (dunno if the sentence is grammatically correct)

@Flow_for_President from Munich. :) I'm originally from northwest Germany

@RebelMoogle Ooh, nice, I've been there several times as one of my best friends live there now (Erding, to be true) and I fucking enjoyed it.
Paulaner's starkbierfest will remain a great memory.

@RebelMoogle Übrigens, ich hab bisher nicht mitgekriegt daß Sie Deutsch sind! Deutsch ist meine best Fremdsprache aber ich bin auch préparé à practiquer français , ce qui est devenu ma langue la plus faible. :/

@bradamant Ich zweisprachig aufgewachsen. Mein Vater ist Amerikaner und meine Mutter Deutsche. :) Und du kannst ruhig "du" sagen. :D

@SuperLulu13ans ah! "je voudrais apprendre le Francais"?