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I'm back!!! and my hair has gotten longer....

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People... you can be so much happier when you stop confusing "personal brand," the size of your "reach," and the quantity of your received "impressions" with yourselves, and if Mastodon doesn't allow you to successfully port over your social currency, then maybe that's not a bug, maybe it's a DAMN FEATURE.

I mean I bought her the S7, instead. not that she bought it... -.-

Wife lost her phone, she was super down and wanted to buy the cheapest one. Bought a S7 instead, because she really wanted that one. If the S8 was out I would've bought that one instead, probably.

Not sure if I'm doing this consoling thing right, haha. :D :iphone:

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I post a comment or question on...

birbsite: eerie silence, then a marketing bot follows me.

fediverse: fourfteen badillion replies that are all well thought out and interesting and oh god now I have to reply and I'm in seven conversations halp oops I made new friends

ok, tricked you, that video is actually a bit sad... but beautiful. :)

and after that rant, have some music / short film to cheer up. :)
Shelter - Porter Robinson, Madeon

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Returning to in 8 days, getting jittery.

I hope we find an apartment quickly. :)

Any Seattlelites out there?

How fun, cmake is refusing to find any compilers on my system. :/

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the number one thing to keep in mind on mastodon is be gay and have a fun time posting online

I had this idea yesterday... basically conversations that work like a GIT repo... you can fork or branch conversations at any time, have the whole history, but still see it separate, so it doesn't get confused.

I often have multiple conversations going on in the same live chat. (Discord, IRC, etc). It could solve that, maybe?

Did three different personality tests, all came out as ENTP... Guess that's me then.

Maybe I can look for a good movie, tv show or youtube channel to watch in french... or just play overwatch in french. Any good french let's players?

je voudrais ecouté la musique francais. tu as recommendation moderne?

je m'apelle John, je voudrais attendre(?) francais...