Tonight we were finally able to clear Pandemonium Savage 3 in ! It took us awhile to get through it, but I'm really happy everyone stuck together and finally took down Phoinix!

Women's/Worker Rights 

Tales from the birdsite.

The main point this post made is fine. It does leave out the concern about states where a revocation of any rights is problematic.

There is also this one phrase here that is a problem we're going to have to deal with at some point soon as well.

Educational Marketing 

I spotted this ad on this morning while doing my morning glance at the "internet."

I don't think even the animated .gif of Tina Fey rolling her eyes goes anywhere near far enough to describe my feelings on the fresh hell that this idea represents.

What’s been happening… so much! Before we get into all of that, I would like to give thanks to my work buddy!

Curious to see how this handles a slo-mo video I took in at . It's best to not stand where the ground is wet unless you're looking for trouble. ;)

New service = excuse to travel down memory lane. was a lot of fun that year.

Let's see how quickly we can also fill this up with cat photos!


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