Creative, Live Show Idea 

I've been playing around with this idea for around 6 months or so. I was playing a game called Hardspace: Shipbreaker pretty regularly as I enjoyed how calming deconstructing a complex system could be before going to bed.

I had this idea that it might be fun to deconstruct space ships in the game while also deconstructing how issues affecting us are presented in mass media. I really wanted a way to talk about how media producers consistently modify how they present information to achieve goals set by the people who own them. It's not a new concept by any stretch, but I thought this could be another way of talking about this issue while livestreaming on .

Ever since I was a kid I've had this desire to have a radio show or something like that. This was something reinforced watching a show called "Northern Exposure" where one of the characters had their own radio broadcast they did from their home.

Ever since I started broadcasting on twitch I've wanted to do something more structured. Putting this together is complicated, and trying to figure out how to control the clips while playing the game at the same time is going to be a challenge. It just seemed like a fun idea I wanted to try.

I don't know if it will be any good or not... that part isn't up to me. I guess I'll find out in about a month once I'm finished assembling the pieces!

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