Should Microsoft be broken up?

@RainbowStardiver @technomancy you know when you think of it from a perspective of consent, those kinds of pop ups are normalising “no means try harder” and that’s a pretty hefty yikes from me :/


Yes, but

  • giving people enough time to backup their data and run, this might really take a decade, because proprietary software and hardware is deeply embedded into everything
  • actually schooling people how to move away their data
  • telling people where to put their backed up data to and encouraging local communes and your local computer guy to host it

If you would let them all die in a day you'll get a lot of angry people.

@koyuchan what you’re describing sounds less like breaking the conglomerate up into smaller entities that would manage the various products (like historical precedent) and more like eliminating the products or corporate entities entirely. I agree that the latter would take a long time to do properly and be more transformational.

It is more fun to imagine something closer to our ideals than more competitive markets and fewer monopolies. I can see why you went there. I’d take whatever I can get.

@RainbowStardiver I like the idea of the fediverse and my idea is that computers shouldn't be owned by large corperations no matter how big they are and rather be a shared resource by the people for the people. I'm not advocating going back to the 70s, because mainframes are centralised structures, but I think social media and SaaS services would be better off if it was hosted by someone you trust, ideally your city or your neighbour or yourself. This is also the reason why I like to see open standards everywhere. It CAN be made by companies, but real life showed us that companies are here to grow and not to serve.

Of course the proper thing to ask is:

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