" You can't tell much 'bout a chicken pot pie 'til you cut through the crust. "

New #chrome extension shows that hundreds of thousands of people use password that have already been hacked 😨 vice.com/en_us/article/zmjvm9/

Take 2 minutes to check haveibeenpwned.com and change your passwords! For more #securitytips, follow our instagram instagram.com/privacyinternati"

" 👗 Anti-surveillance, but make it fashion - Want to flummox the prying lenses of automatic license plate readers? Don this dress (The Guardian). "


" 🚔 The police are watching you, with Amazon’s help - Amazon is doubling down on its business providing surveillance tools to law enforcement across the United States (NBC News). Meanwhile, Rekognition, the tech giant’s facial recognition software, is mistaking California lawmakers for criminals (Vice). "


" Agent Huawei - Huawei technicians personally assisted government officials in Uganda and Zambia spy on their political opponents, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation (Paywall). "


“Predictive policing determines who you are, with implications for your future, based on data from your past.”
@privacyint in @NewStatesman

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Thanks @SadiqKhan for demanding answers from @ArgentLLP about their use of #facialrecognition in #kingscross. It might be private land but it’s still public space. This kind of surveillance of the public is unacceptable in London or anywhere else. twitter.com/privacyint/status/

Facial recognition involves the processing of your biometric data.

We're advocating for robust and effective data protection frameworks, which uphold biometric data as sensitive data that requires higher safeguards.

privacyinternational.org/topic twitter.com/privacyint/status/

Ragnar Minestead was down for a few minutes for a power cord change. It's back up, now.

" If your cat had kittens in a doghouse, would that make 'em puppies? "

The Blue Eagle world on Ragnar Minestead is down while a test is conducted.

Facial recognition turns people into walking ID card and erodes anonymity in public spaces while the technology is often biased/flawed. The use by private companies without scrutiny is dangerous.


🏥 Today marks #GC70 of the #GenevaConventions which established the standards of int'ial law for humanitarian treatment in war. We’ve been exploring w/ humanitarian orgs the new challenges emerging as a result of data exploitation & surveillance privacyinternational.org/topic

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