Like I said your honor, I ain't never seen this cat before that night. Offered me a bag of nip and left his calling card on the human's shoe. Didn't think much of it til he turned up in the news the next day feeding the fishes

For myself, I switched twitter to a swipe, so it takes just a bit more effort to open instead of Subway Tooter.

I decided that I'd spend maybe an hour a day there, retweeting stuff, but will not tweet.

Ooh subway tooter got nicer. They did what I hoped they'd do, and stick the column list right out front. You can enter any instance tl with at most a swipe and a click. Very cool, woot.


There is a column list, which you can move around. I'd like it if you could access it right from the screen, not via the menu.

Oh: nsfw button is an actual checkmark, instead of a grey/darker-grey "nsfw"

Testing nsfw image-marking, which I seem to be having a problem with. Nsfw button clicked, it is blue. Image should be hidden.

Ok, this is definitely a problem. Why on EARTH would you allow multiple accounts but not show which instance they're on? This almost completey vitiates the usefulness of this feature.

This is the toot screen.

It makes clear that CW and image sensitivity are not the same. Nice clean privacy options. Does it remember the last choice?

The way it handles timelines is kind of annoying. I get that it condenses the buttons needed to switch, but it does so by increasing the amount of interaction necessary. Plus, it's a bit hard to tell exactly which timeline you're looking at.

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