So I've been doing a lot of stochastic things lately.

Since November, I've been doing what I call coinfasting.

Flip a coin in the morning. Heads, eat, tails fast that day. The expected value of heads over 7 days is 3.5, it averages out to identical to a scheduled alternate day fast.

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So far, I've been loving it.

So I added more stochasticism.

Every morning I cycle 20 minutes. On head days, I do a 30 minute afternoon cycle. That's 140 minutes baseline plus, on average, another 105 minutes of cardio each week. Maximum: 350 minutes.

Which is smack dab in the suggested range for maximum cardio benefit (140 is the accepted minimum, 450 is the accepted point where diminishing marginal returns from cardio kick in)

I then made my kettlebell stochastic.

After I flip the day's coin, I roll a 2d6 and multiply it by 10. That's how many swings I do that day. On average, 70. Maximum: 120.

I could, if I wanted, attach this to the coin: heads multiply by 25, tails multiply by 10, etc. Doing this would increase the max to 300, and the average to 210.

The introduction of randomness allows a nice fluctuation that averages out to a known quantity over time.

The only real *daily* habit is flipping a coin and rolling dice. Everything else can be tweaked, scaled up or down as wanted.

As I decrease my deficit, for instance, heads will likely become TDEE+15%, tails TDEE-15%, a multiplier of 25 on kettlebell, etc. Same daily habit, but modified in a small way.

The introduction of randomness has an interesting effect:

On average, the expected result is known. For any given week, however, you don't know the distribution. So, you can't go balls to the wall because the next few days may also be. But you can't just play it safe, because the next few days may minima.

It incentivizes you, without even thinking about it, to calibrate correctly.

As I said, I'm loving it. It feels fun, sustainable, and effective. No idea if it'd be torture for someone else.

@Pookleblinky i’ve been trying it and enjoying, but I still need to take your advice of starting with the flip / roll as the actual habit.

@john_henry the beauty of it is that all you need to engrain is the coinflip, the rest piggybacks off it. No reason to go balls out from the beginning.

Make heads something fun, something you'd like to do 3-4 times a week. "try out a new recipe" "make a really good cup of coffee & relax" "walk the dog somewhere new" etc

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