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Back on irc for shits n giggles


The Shell egg in Chicken does a lot of what I am looking for. Short commands, nice syntax, can output as a string of normal bash, etc.

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You know what fad I'm glad is over btw?


Holy fuck half the people in my circles would NOT STOP FUCKING TALKING ABOUT THEM FOR LIKE 2 YEARS.

Then their dasKeyboards broke and they quit talking about them.


The creator of Rash and shell-pipeline *also* hasn't touched an actual scsh in years due to its bitrot.

I want to be able to open a repl, brainfart a one-liner, see it as idiomatic bash, preview its output, plop it into a script for reuse, etc.

There are a couple other attempts at modernizing scsh, but as I said I don't want or need a new shell.

Anyway, I don't want to make a shell. I don't feel like moving to a shell less powerful than zsh or fish.

What I want is to be able to script with racket, interactively or not, instead of fish script.

Note: scsh is basically bitrotten nowadays. Last touched in 2006? It'd be nice to use it as a reference point, but I can't install it from the repo or from scratch (I tried).

Next I raco installed docs.racket-lang.org/scripty/i scripty, which lets you specify dependencies in a preamble under the shebang, and docs.racket-lang.org/shell-pip, which does what it says on the tin.

First, I had to add plt to my ppa list, because my default racket version is 5.4 and the modern is 6.8.

Then, gritted my teeth as it installed via http. What the fuck. At least now I have racket 6.8

I switched to fish from zsh, and love everything about it except its scripting. I don't feel like writing fishscript.

So I'm starting rksh, scsh except in Racket and with painless interactivity.

I'd say fish is basically zsh with usability cranked up to 11 and adherence to POSIX mostly neglected.

I finally installed fish, fell in love instantly and chsh'd over from zsh, which I've been using for over a decade.

@rosa f [letter you need the cursor on] pops you there, then you can operate on the word as needed

Ooh subway tooter got nicer. They did what I hoped they'd do, and stick the column list right out front. You can enter any instance tl with at most a swipe and a click. Very cool, woot. octodon.social/media/A7uaIjSzN


Hardtime mode for vim. It's basically hardmode, but does let you type hjkl once/second for off-by-one cursor movements or such.

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Hm. Even with nothing open it's using 1.1gb of my ram, opening console spikes it to 92% of my cpu.

Nope. Not gonna work at all *clutches vim tightly*

Whereas racket dev is a fuckton more lightweight. Much more fun to goof around with ideas there first, then try them in clojure. Best of both worlds.