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This is the maximum amount of tipsily sappy I'm ever going to get on here, fyi

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“Whose woods these are I do not know?” Robert Frost, no one owns the woods

Weekday morning Karen: good morning, here is my outfit, let me tell you about a bird I saw
Weekend morning Karen: I should get a paintball gun to quickly deface all the shitty Chief Illiniwek stuff in this fucking town

Healyn is having a very Healyn morning

I should really be doing more petty crimes, what's all this privilege good for if I'm not using it to vandalize shit

If your husband is, hypothetically, keeping a friend of his who is having Marriage Problems company because he is sad sometimes, how late do you have to stay up to wait for him, and can you just keep posting the whole time or do you have to get in bed and read

This is what I want, motherfucker make it happen for me

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I just rarely feel more like myself than when I am loudly opining about curling in my living room, even if no one else is here, that was a real bad hit and roll, too heavy

There's curling on, have I screamed about curling here yet

I'm glad I have all my friends who live in my pocket here

Lifetime movie CW 8 

Lifetime movie CW 7 

Oh no people are reading my Lifetime movie toots

Lifetime movie CW 6 

Lifetime movie CW 5 

Lifetime movie CW 5 

Lifetime movie CW 4 

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