How to Speak Economist.

"The Economy is Doing Well" = The wealthy are spending borrowed money that they don't intend to repay and their corporations are spending rapidly to climb up the pyramid scheme. You still may get fired, but if you do, it's for "strategic growth purposes."

"We're in a recession" = The wealthy have decided to close this phase of the pyramid scheme and take in their profits. Someone else gets stuck with the bill for the money they borrowed. Their corporations are ordered to cut labor costs for a period of pure profit. You'll get fired and be expected to pick up a job for less money, because "in this economy" you can't expect to demand more.

I'm seeing all these corporate media articles obsessing over how to tell we're in a recession when they can't explain the economic conditions that we're in.

It's because they want to psychological frame this for the audience. This supernatural force known as "the economy" is turning on us. It can't be ascribed to human decisions and motivations. People losing their jobs and losing more of their paycheck is an inevitability, they tell us.

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