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I'm Phil (He/Him). I have a lot of ideas and not a lot of technical ability. Still, I'd like to think I'm here to help!

My interests include the politics of art, movies, Nintendo, the politics of labor in general, and learning to feed myself.

I'm married to my wonderful wife and we just recently moved to Durham, NC, where I'm interested in meeting folks that want to support the rights of marginalized people and workers.

Re-Introductions (More Political) 

I am Colombiano and have an active interest in helping the marginalized Latine/Latinx community, as well as indingenous Latine and global indingenous communities.

I consider myself pretty open-minded, but I will not be intentionally interacting with any fash-tolerant spaces. I am Catholic twice over, culturally and ultimately by choice, but I am not trad and I believe in plurality of faith and wholehearted support of queer folks. I don't f*** with TERFS.

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