People who use screen readers - is there a website or app that can check whether a site is optimized for screen readers?

@PhilthePill You're welcome. I use it at my day job and for my personal stuff.

@PhilthePill There's a browser plugin called "Axe Core" that'll help check for accessibility violations, including ones that would affect screen readers! The best way to really proof it, though, is using something like Apple's VoiceOver to see how a screenreader parses a page.

@PhilthePill my pal also heard about this study where they go over common CSS visual hacks and their implications for screenreaders, if any

@PhilthePill I work on a web app which has accessibility requirements, and I've learned that there really is no automated way to check if something is usable with screen readers, just like it can't be done for sighted users.
Can you tab through all the controls? Do they tab in the right order? Is the right text read? Can you get stuck in loops? Escape out of pop-up modals? Open menus? There's a lot to work out here.

@PhilthePill you can always just try to use the site with a screen reader

I wonder if you can write selenium tests for that

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