I want to put Amazon-owned GoodReads out of business with a website inspired by the Letterboxd aesthetic. I have $150 a month to put toward this project. I can't code my way out of a box. Where do I start?

@PhilthePill It would help if @libreture put their code officially on Github, for anyone to install an instance. I guess you could ask them if they'd be open to the idea?

Also, I found this old project:

This is mantained, and may also be of use to you:

But a #federated #Goodreads would be a good idea too...

@PhilthePill that's plenty for initial operation expenses. (Servers, domain, email, etc)

If you're looking to program yourself, the djangogirls tutorial is a decent place to start for "help, I've never programmed before." (I've coached it a few times if you have questions.) (Of course, other people will have different opinions. Engineers Have Opinions.)

After that comes deploying. To be perfectly honest, heroku pipelines is by far the simplest.

@PhilthePill Hi Phil, this is something I've thought about as well and a project I've thought about tackling myself. I can code and design my way out of a box - we should chat to see if we have similar goals!

@robotsneedhugs Basically, I would really like to focus on the building-lists feature that Letterboxd does so well. Books are inherently privileged and if you don't have time to read, you won't want to use the service as a gamifying tool.

But book recommendations / book theming? This would be very cool.

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