In light of recent events, I've put together a small budget for developers to help build a Masto app that tries to increase the use of the CW, integrates multiple instance account timelines, and generally make the UI even more intuitive. Boost to see if anyone out there is interested in the job?

@PhilthePill CW on by default should be a great first step. We could call it a subject line

@MrsMouse @PhilthePill I have a similar vision involving CW being turned into thread titles, and a column similar to "local timeline" that is "most active threads"

Natch you're expected to fully CW your posts in the thread title and, if necessary, CW replies in that, but that can be a community effort sort-of-thing.

I'm also coming to the end of my formal employment contract, though I have not yet touched the Masta codebase. I see some merit in us talking about this. Does later tonight work?


@srsly If you're seriously offering to help develop, I could talk about it Friday.

@PhilthePill Afternoon is good, after six thirty I have obligations

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