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[coffee shop]

Someone in line for their coffee sees Mastodon open on my laptop. They catch my eye, nod knowingly at me, and do the international IRL signal for "fellow tooter." They swing their arm in front of their face and fart loudly.

I do so in return. Unfortunately, I may have poop-tooted IRL.

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[job interview]

"Your resume says, 'Fuck You, Pay Me.'"

PHIL: Yes, sir. I have eight years of deep experience in Fuck You, Pay Me.

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How ironic is it that right-wing media outlets tend to do a way better job of reporting on leftists than centrist media outlets do? It's like right-wingers discretely want their ideology to lose grip on society and it only reinforces the notion that centrists don't want change.

MAYOR PETE: It's elitist to say everyone should go to college.

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE: Okay. I hear you. But you still support private health insurance and I can't seem to find a job that will provide me with coverage.

MAYOR PETE: Have you tried going to college?

I guess people might need additional information here: what are your interests, why do you want to go to another grad school, why do you think the progran there would be relevant for you, the deadlines more manageable, etc?
There are many things besides grad schools...

"The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a *bad* girl with a dick 😈"

Thanks for the boosts on this. Did I get any answers? No. But do I now have a sense of purpose and direction? Also no.

Does anyone have any advice for a person who has been academically terminated in a grad program, but wants to investigate different grad programs? No real extenuating circumstances - nothing medical. I just had to reprioritize and couldn't deal with the final deadlines.

autumn does actually look like the movies if you're in a rich people neighborhood

The yellow light. Shining Down.

The yellow light. Shining Down.

So here's a fediverse/Masto/social media in general issue. There's a hashtag. Fire Emblem is a franchise that understandbly attracts a lot of anime fan art. That's great. Your drawings look great. But in order to find people who have thoughts about the game's story or whatever, I have to scroll through a lot of anime fanart.

Everyone's talking about Pokemon now, so maybe I will unleash with Fire Emblem: Three Houses toots.

I can feel him coming in the air tonight
oh lord
He can tell whether you have been naughty or nice
oh lord

Kubo & the Two Strings ; Defecation ; What my dad said to me before a long road trip 

if this moon doesn’t stopping hitting my eye like a big pizza pie I stg

there's a difference between a power strip and a surge protector, in that the latter protects against surges and shorts, and the former can look a lot like a toasted marshmallow

Doing something bougie. Does that mean I am *being* bougie?

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