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New Mastodon surge, new

I'm Phil (He/Him). I have a lot of ideas and not a lot of technical ability. Still, I'd like to think I'm here to help!

My interests include the politics of art, movies, Nintendo, the politics of labor in general, and learning to feed myself.

I'm married to my wonderful wife and we just recently moved to Durham, NC, where I'm interested in meeting folks that want to support the rights of marginalized people and workers.

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[coffee shop]

Someone in line for their coffee sees Mastodon open on my laptop. They catch my eye, nod knowingly at me, and do the international IRL signal for "fellow tooter." They swing their arm in front of their face and fart loudly.

I do so in return. Unfortunately, I may have poop-tooted IRL.

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[job interview]

"Your resume says, 'Fuck You, Pay Me.'"

PHIL: Yes, sir. I have eight years of deep experience in Fuck You, Pay Me.

But y'all are just too cool. You're too cool for school.

I really truly have to make the effort to transition over here since it seems The Event is definitely going to happen over on Birdsite.

We lost power for no good reason, so you know what that means.

I'm chugging milk like I'm in one of those detestable shock-jock mid-2000's radio show contests.

Pikmin 2....has once again become an addictive game experience for me.

Hello, Octodon and Mastodon fediverse. Today, I report that I am in the maw of an evil beast. One that I have not had to properly deal with in about six months.

tired of existing in reality? simply try becoming 2.0 - 2.5 million ants. 2.0 - 2.5 million ants: an easy way to shed you mortal coil. you will certainly not regret becoming 2.0 - 2.5 million ants

Feeling shame because my Bullshit Full Time Job gave me a sense of fulfillment today.

if you're looking for medical advice, just ask me. i'll make some shit up. i don't care about you

Hurricane Fiona, relief for 🇵🇷 

4) Taller Salud: I can personally vouch for this one, because the executive director is a close friend of my sister’s. Feminist org founded as a response to the forced sterilization of boricua women. Pushes for reproductive autonomy and protects people in abusive situations.

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Lord and Lady, help me become more patient with public transit.

I am inside a "Bernina World of Sewing" store. We are trying to get a thirty -year old sewing machine repaired.

In search for a cart, a small, middle aged employee softly says, "Oh, gosh darn it, where is the cart? Sorry for cussin'."

And it's never for anything an adult should need help with. "Do you think this looks good? You're the expert."

Boss, it to me for review. It will probably be seen by four people outside of this company. Nobody cares about it. It will have zero impact. We are not paying to have it put in a magazine. It will be tucked away in some conference pamphlet that will have zero bearing on our revenue.

You could put a picture of a turd in the advertising space and have basically the same impact on our business.

It's great. You don't need my help. None of you need my help.

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My boss always says "5 minutes" and means "15 minutes to an hour."

Hey, there. Some friends and I have been doing this book club thing. It's on Discord and we welcome talk on any and all books, including comics and graphic novels.

We also pick a book to do a voice call on every few weeks. This week, it's The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisen.

You can join us here:

My favorite genre of movie is “movie where they honestly should have just called it a day after they made the poster”

Listening to the Disco Elysium OST for my third hour of bus travels.

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