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[coffee shop]

Someone in line for their coffee sees Mastodon open on my laptop. They catch my eye, nod knowingly at me, and do the international IRL signal for "fellow tooter." They swing their arm in front of their face and fart loudly.

I do so in return. Unfortunately, I may have poop-tooted IRL.

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[job interview]

"Your resume says, 'Fuck You, Pay Me.'"

PHIL: Yes, sir. I have eight years of deep experience in Fuck You, Pay Me.

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Okay, new account. New instance. New .

Hello! My name's Phil and - for now - I'm based in Northern Virginia. I can't code my way out of a box, but I *do* design WYSIWYG-platform websites for aspiring authors and bloggers.

My side project is a website that centralizes web patronage for journalists, writers, and artists. Often, I talk movies. And I love new music and fiction.

I support: trans people and the full LGBTQIA spectrum. And I'm a child of immigrants.

Bus stop chronicles, movies, Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright 

Saw a tweet referencing a relationship between Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright. Now, my feelings on QT are muddled. His movies do things that seem...unique? But it's all also obnoxious? Regarding Wright, I have Last Night in Soho strongly on my radar, but Wright did other stuff during the Pandemonium that I didn't investigate.

I am now on the bus.

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Bus stop chronicles, September 15, 2021.

I spent 25 minutes on the toilet browsing Twitter. As a result, I am taking a bus 40 minutes later than I intended.

Intentionally not joining the Teams Meeting on time so I can avoid the initial minutes of small talk.

Gonna try to post something on here without passing a particular style of judgment.

I was outdoors with strangers today.

Surrounded by people. I'd say the worst part is that the average household income of this outdoor gathering is $125,000.

I put depression fuel* into my body and now I am depressed. Who could have foreseen this?

*One Wendy's single cheesburger without onions or pickles, one crispy chicken sandwich, one Jr. bacon cheeseburger, 1.5 large fries

Sonic CD Diary 

Booted up Sonic CD on Steam. Was hoping to do the thing where you fix the past to make the future good. But I guess I only got past on the second phase, so the future was still bad. Alas. Alas.

Insomnia toots. Finally picked up this book, "Believers" by Lisa Wells and it seems like exactly one of the books I need right now.

Political snark, ACAB 

"Corrupt Law Enforcement Officer" is redundant, heyoooo

My book "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is a critique of Big Tech connecting conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies (proposing a way to deal with both) is now out in paperback:

Signed copies here:


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ah, you think you impress me? Watch this

*crumbles to a pile of bones*

Going back to the office means I create several crises at home that delay me coming into the office. When I arrive, my first task is to think of what crises or fantasies await me outside the office. Then I plan my commute away from the office for the rest of the day until I leave.

One embarrassing thing I'm doing these days is bringing coffee drinks into the bathroom with me when I have my morning bowel movements. Well, today, it finally happened. I had a full 46 fluid ounce container of Chameleon Cold-Brew Medium Roast that I had set on the bathtub and I knocked it in into the tub. My solution to this problem was to immediately take a shower after my bowel exercises.

Buying plane tickets right now, like a really ignorant person.

Very strong opening on "Beast Beast," though. I could love this movie.

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