I love the time I spend at my rural place. The downside is no internet. Of course, that is probably the reason I'm able to accomplish a little bit of something while I'm there.

The house fire in Jan. has now been completely erased, with a flat lot where a 60's ranch used to be. I'm sure the neighbors are relieved to know that the people who had been living there for the past few years will not be back.

A house I own caught fire. It's been center of a legal battle for years. Long ago, a judge awarded the house to someone else, after they made a cash settlement and paid the taxes. Those things didn't happen, then the house caught fire, just 4 days prior to a scheduled "Contempt of Court" hearing.
My insurance company got a call last week, wanting to know why I got money, since the house belongs to them. When asked, no, they hadn't meet the payout, or the taxes, or bought insurance. But want $$

Anyone have feedback to offer about this? I do have an appointment with my attorney later in the week.

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Six weeks ago I house I own caught fire. It's been at the center of an ongoing legal battle between myself and former daughter-in-law for nearly 4 years. Most recent decision was last year, when she was ordered to pay me a $ on a specific schedule. She didn't make any payments.

Now the insurance company has drawn their conclusions and sent me a check. She believes that I'm supposed to take her obligation of money off the top, then use the remainder to build her a new home.

Minimalism is all the rage, it seems. Has anyone else noticed that the photos of "clutter" that we are supposed to get rid of always includes a wall of books?

Yes, I know that there are ways of storing written media that don't include paper, ink, and glue. However, I worry that the visual is more of an anti-intellectual message than advertising for a Nook/Fire or whatever those devices are called.

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Also at Skyview were people spewing the usial right-wing talking points on immigration. My take is that it's very telling that these people talk about going after illegal immigrants but never the people and corporations that employ them. It shows what tneir true motivations are.

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People need green open places to go to; when they are close they use them. But if the greens are more than three minutes away, the distance overwhelms the need....

I'm waiting for word from the insurance company regarding the house that was destroyed by fire 3 weeks ago. It would be nice to get clean-up started.

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Maybe my brain is a bit too pessimistic but am I the only one that is sometimes troubled by how certain parts of the media embrace black culture.

I'm not talking about institutional racism. What I mean is, even when the media is RT'ing a photo of Janelle Monea or Lupita Nyongo, there's this feel of tokenism and/or objectification.

“Here's this wonderful black thing that we love. Look at how progressive we are.”

I laud that these actors are being celebrated, but...

I'm right on the edge of possibly coming down with that nasty bug that everyone seems to be sharing. So I rifled through the pantry and found the makings for a big pot of chicken, rice, mushroom soup, with lots of healing herbs and pepper. Add lemon/ginger/honey syrup and a pot of lung friendly tea, turn on Netflix and crochet till further notice.

Not nearly enough sleep. Learning that a big portion of your concrete assets burned to the concrete will cause that situation! Hoping to hear back from my attorney, since the house was center of an on-going legal battle between myself and a conniving scammer who thought I should just give it up. Guess they decided that the grapes were sour anyway.

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If you spend of your day at , and eight hours at , there is no reason why your should be any less of a than your home...

I've had an ongoing legal battle over a house I bought 6 years ago, that someone felt I should let them have. We have a court date to revisit the matter on Thursday afternoon.

About an hour ago I received word that the house no longer exists. A comment said "The house was toasted". So, one problem up in smoke.

It's hard to be optimistic about this at 0 dark 30. Phone calls to lawyer and insurance agent are on tap in about 6 hours.

This bothers me quite a lot. Greenwalt talks about Facebook censorship at the demand of the US government.

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Snow still on the ground from the Christmas Eve fall. Eight degree Fahrenheit outside, and a pot of chili on the stove. Shredded cheese, chili peppers, sour cream, assorted hot sauces ...

What am I missing?

I'm expecting my youngest grandchildren to come stay with me for a few days during school break. Also invited my son and his family to hang out on Friday night for pizza and movies/conversation/board games.

By New Year's Day I will be completely peopled out!

Is this wonky internet day? Came here today and found an entirely new and different set-up (with huge emojis dividing individual comments, one column wide) and no way (so far) to go back to the display I had yesterday.

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I'm in a really bad spot right now emotionally and the job I'm at is such an awful fit for me. This sucks.

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