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2007: ReCaptcha helps us digitalize books from libraries all around the world. Yay for ReCaptcha!

2014: ReCaptcha no longer requires you to do anything other than clicking in a box. Everything is frictionless!

2018: ReCaptcha is botsplaining cars and roads to humans

Bike ride home, then bottle of ale + CS:GO deathmatch. Is there is a more efficient way to wind down after work?

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the two types of youtube photography videos

1) this is one of my favorite lenses, it works just as well for photographs of my small dogs as it does for these snowy landscapes and fjords. i managed to get mine on ebay for a decent price. it can be finnicky but if you dedicate yourself to it you can get very moving results!

2) HEY what's up i'm HERE IN LA with my pal EXTREME ZACHARY!!! we're going to be reviewing the... OH HEY LADIES!!! SMILEEE!!! clickclickclickclickclickclick FANTASTIC! GREAT!

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bad pol 

Now I know I'm in the future: Google Photos just offered me facial recognition for my pets.

It's taken me 4 wounds, 3 YouTube videos, 2 broken strings and a can of lube to learn you don't string a pedal steel like a regular guitar

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I ate the last banana and now the flat is full of angry fruitflies

Hyperemisis Gravidarum is my new black metal band

Morning sickness expert on the tele telling us about "a spectrum of vomiting" oh lordy

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you can see the path of totality in traffic patterns!

on a traffic map that i helped build. AAAAAAAAH!!!

Erm so I fell off here a while ago but now I'm back and everyone's avatars have changed and I'm feeling a bit lost. What's up?

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