@nileane y a un endroit a discussion pour réagir en direct ?

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grandmas young queer punks
still wearing masks

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@SatanicCunni ha oui masque noir et mèche trop longue qui tombe trop bas oups


@tiphaine Trouver des gens safe pour en parler c'est franchement pas aisé non

@lulu d’accord, je ne vais pas continuer cette série

J'ai commencé à regarder le premier épisode de "Arrête de me chauffer Nagatoro !"

C'est pénible. Ca change plus tard ou c'est toujours aussi insupportable ?

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Back to some sci-fi stuff with this high-speed pursuit in the space. This was a fun one, so I've been using it as my profile photo for quite some time now.

#art #MastoArt #voxel #SciFi

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I initially thought I'd do something "quick" "with colour". 😂

Fifteen minutes in and I only had the background colour done, so I gave in and spent over an hour on it.

#CuratorPrompts #CuratorPrompts25 #DigitalArt #krita #wacom

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Freelancing, Project management tools for Photographers, Designers and Developers // Reboost appreciated 

But I have one question that is rather unanswered for me.

It's about project management.

I use Obsidian for my little day-to-day journaling and some little tasks, but I think I might need something more powerful specifically tailored for projects. I'd like to group per customer with list, kanban, calendar.

I already know some tools, but they are mostly online and hosted in the USA. Is there any hosted in EU or Selfhosted? I also don't want to pay hundreds of euros for self-hosting. But I'd like to have a solid software for that purpose.


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Food mentions, neg 

You know, given the minimal attention, minimal responsabilities, minimal human interactions

i will offer you minimal energy dedication to your technical tasks

even in kitchens.
I have plates that say "I love you" because I'd spend HOURS to pay attention for difficult preparation.

So, even in the domains I am the strongest, I'll appear weak and below average because I won't receive human interactions i think I deserve. Meaning: being in a common project with people

... one of the perks in Android was that spam phones weren't even making my phone ring

"Are they a girl? Are they a boy? We don't know! We scream in gay because we think they're a cutie"

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