Freelancing, Context for next toot 

CONTEXT: For many reasons that happened in the past 2 years, I have some wish to start a little beside-to-work activity freelance activity as self-employment. I did some free work for friends but they want to pay me, and I expect to have a growing demand, and it seems I'd need to make invoices. So it's a legal status.

About administrative work, I am fine. I'll ask people already know about that and I get where it will lead me to.

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Freelancing, Project management tools for Photographers, Designers and Developers // Reboost appreciated 

But I have one question that is rather unanswered for me.

It's about project management.

I use Obsidian for my little day-to-day journaling and some little tasks, but I think I might need something more powerful specifically tailored for projects. I'd like to group per customer with list, kanban, calendar.

I already know some tools, but they are mostly online and hosted in the USA. Is there any hosted in EU or Selfhosted? I also don't want to pay hundreds of euros for self-hosting. But I'd like to have a solid software for that purpose.


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