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Great game at cricket tonight. Loss of about 20 runs but always enjoyable. 🏏

Also - how could fundraising be so freakin' hard?!

If you want to make sure nothing gets achieved in the most bureaucratic way possible, form a committee.

Back at cricket after a three week injury lay-off and it's a semi final win! 140-37! 🏏

May I suggest that, in this extremely scary time in which we live, we drop all pretense of needing to "know" one another in order to extend love and support and care to those who are suffering most? If we value life and humanity in general, it's time to step up and be gentle and tender to each other as a default, to assume the best in one another until proven otherwise, because if we don't, we are fucked.

It might be easy to blame the manager in situations like this, but often they're promoted on technical merit, given a formal leadership role and told "You'll do great! Go to it". No on-going mentoring; no follow-up support or oversight.
A technical person moving to a managerial role effectively becomes a junior manager; not an even-more-senior technologist. Treat them as such with support, encouragement, regular feedback and observations.

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All those messages do is reinforce that you don't trust your people to make the right decisions or to reach the right conclusions.
Send these signals often enough or over a long enough period and it won't matter how often you communicate praise, the recipient of any positive feedback will resent it because those results were yours; not theirs. Without autonomy and trust, your team's successes aren't truly owned by the team; they're owned by you.

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"I want to be copied in on all communications with that client"
"Email the client and tell them you'll do it by tomorrow then change that method there and deploy it to this server"
"Did you check the config? Why not? This should be a basic task. I would expect anyone to complete this in half the time"

These sorts of messages resonate. And not in a good way.

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Creating an environment where your people can excel means removing road blocks and fostering cohesiveness / collaboration.
That means agreeing on some goals and perhaps defining certain parameters within which those goals should be achieved. Then leave them to it.
It DOESN'T mean telling people *how* to do things, or that you have to check their work.

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Working with people is not logical, rational or calculated. Leading a team is messy, nebulous and uncertain. Letting your team grow, gel and work effectively with each other can often be paradoxical. In order to see them succeed, sometimes they have to fail first.
Nobody ever learned valuable lessons by being right all the time.

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In technology (my industry), leadership is a tricky thing. Most computer experts are very focussed on logical, rational, calculated tasks and outcomes. Inputs -> outputs. Predictable, expected results. If you demonstrate aptitude in these areas, you'll be trusted with bigger decisions and more responsibility. You'll be expected to handle more at once and balance conflicting demands.

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Leadership (or management, even, if you want to cast a wider net) is not always the innate skill you seem to hear anecdotally. It's learned, refined and requires a genuine interest in people first.
Leadership means empowering your people to be autonomous decision-makers; not scrutinising those decisions or creating constraints around how they're made.

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Let's talk about mentorship and leadership.

Reason I say "search would be nice" is I also think some sort of integration / verification with Keybase would be nice too.
"Verifying myself on Mastodon" sort of thing.
(I'm on Keybase, by the way)

I would love it if there was a more powerful search capability on Mastodon.
Unless I've missed some tricks for new players?

everyone: "Your whole platform is a den of harassment and abuse that you seem to be unwilling to address in any meaningful way"
Twitter: "We'll introduce rounded borders on every single design element!"

What are you listening to right now, Mastodon?

I'm enjoying a little South Africa:


firearms, law 

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