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ending all sentences in 'lol' to defuse any potential for people to take them seriously and gloss over the lack of emotive affect in a textual medium, lol

Oh my god, are you

Theresa May: "I'm clear: if human rights laws get in the way of tackling extremism and terrorism, we will change those laws to keep British people safe."

Welcome to another Greater Than Code community referral: @Comfyweirdo!
Great to have you here!

For 1990円 I would happily live here:


It's Winter in New Zealand. Here's the view across the street from my office in Dunedin:

Struggling with the desire to write a few blog posts on team culture, professional services delivery and leadership but I don't see how without sounding like I'm taking a swing at my company.

Exciting and very close game of tonight. Lucky to come away with the win. An injury to my hand hasn't helped. 🏏

Wondering how to get notifications in @Tusky. I've read #84 which is about getting push, don't see a means to set it to do pull instead. Disable push? Someone toot me a toot to see :)

A really fun win at tonight. A couple of solid catches and a respectable 30ish run partnership. 🏏

I'm getting 2FA failures when trying to log in via web. What's going on? Just me?

Last game for the week. A scrappy win and some fairly ordinary fielding from me but hey - I'll take it. 🏏

I think organisations may implement (formally or informally) a culture of directive coaching where employees are essentially taught or hand-held to a particular end goal.
This may work for some, but I believe truly effective coaching is where people are led to the *questions* rather than the answers. At least where technical / software roles are concerned.

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I think a coaching culture isn't a problem of helping staff meet KPIs or just trying to motivate them by "believing in the company" more. I think the best company culture is one where people feel empowered and supported to explore interests, grow their knowledge and experience and get feedback on goals that are important to them within the organisational context.

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