Out to the wildlife sanctuary with the boys. Saw a dinosaur.
Can you spot him?

Decided it had been a while since I did any music so set everything up and now my controller isn't behaving.

Some typically first rate driving this a afternoon in Auckland, . Expect this to be all over the papers up and down the country this weekend.

Stewing up a batch of rhubarb. I think I've got quite a lot.

Someone has birthday money to spend. He's quickly coming to grips with economics terms. Mainly "opportunity cost".

Epic has ended. The kids vs adults round was probably the most popular.

Fire caused by fireworks across the neighbourhood. Stupid people.

Book bus day today. Saw this and got to thinking: when technical people assume leadership roles, how often will they concentrate on learning and improving as leaders when they've previously only focused on technical skills?
Do we support and encourage our line to succeed adequately?


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