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Phil Wheeler @PW

It's so cold, I could fuck a space heater.

Two brilliant back-to-back games of cricket tonight. Both comfortable wins! Plus feeling very satisfied with my field game too, with a 5 wicket bag! Happy vibes.

@Elizafox I like followers!
Not entirely sure about jumping on the whole 'ass' thing though. (cc: @CobaltVelvet)

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Today I feel like spreading rumours. So once again, if you boost this toot I will tell the world some (almost certainly false) scandalous rumour about you.

Great game at cricket tonight. Loss of about 20 runs but always enjoyable. 🏏

Also - how could fundraising be so freakin' hard?!

If you want to make sure nothing gets achieved in the most bureaucratic way possible, form a committee.

Back at cricket after a three week injury lay-off and it's a semi final win! 140-37! 🏏

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May I suggest that, in this extremely scary time in which we live, we drop all pretense of needing to "know" one another in order to extend love and support and care to those who are suffering most? If we value life and humanity in general, it's time to step up and be gentle and tender to each other as a default, to assume the best in one another until proven otherwise, because if we don't, we are fucked.

@NeuroWinter Yay for ACC at least, I guess. Hope the head injury isn't serious.

@NeuroWinter Oh wait. You're a kiwi. My bad.
But that's even worse - can't believe you got done over. Hope you're ok.

@NeuroWinter Holy shit, that's nuts! What did they attack you for? Just a random mugging? Do you have to deal with the US healthcare system or do you live in another country?

Went for a hike over 's Mount Cargill today. Even the middle of winter has some good outside days with 14° temperatures.

@animeirl It's monumentally worse. I mean, sure - everyone *always* whines whenever FB or birbsite update their UI but this time... this time it's objectively, distractingly dreadful.