Help me with some Japanese? What does 心の病 mean? Mental illness?

Very fun win tonight at cricket despite being a player down. My field work sucked but at least the batting made up for it. 🏏

Apparently there's a really surprising number of people out there who genuinely (seem to) believe in a flat earth.
I mean, I knew about that "Flat Earth Society"; I just didn't think it would be popular. At all. By any reasonable measure.
Some people are really fucking mental!!

Anyone know what this symbol means? I've been seeing it all over the place.

ICYMI: I wrote about software team cultural challenges between different business types last night:

OMG throwback to the 80s. Just had this pop up on my playlist randomly.
Can you top this for underrated cliché 80s hits?

I have a blog post in mind that I want to write about leadership, teams, culture and safety.
All well and good until I have to consider whether management at my own company might see it as a personal attack.

Two more exciting games of cricket! Two clinical wins in two games. 🏏
Bloody cold though

Two brilliant back-to-back games of cricket tonight. Both comfortable wins! Plus feeling very satisfied with my field game too, with a 5 wicket bag! Happy vibes.

Today I feel like spreading rumours. So once again, if you boost this toot I will tell the world some (almost certainly false) scandalous rumour about you.

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