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Moved to

Yay! is back up. Tooting from my old account on is down. Tooting from my old account on

I've moved from to due to reliability issues with's hosting service Scaleway.

@CobaltVelvet In case you weren't already aware, images are not loading. Tried from a couple of different Internet connections. I'm in the USA.

Finished season 2 of Master of None. Good stuff. Hope there is a season 3.

Going for a spin on the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine with an Ubuntu VM.

If I ever have to return to the Bees Ferry Rd Charleston County Landfill I will take my 500mm lens to photograph the bald eagles.

I use IBM Watson's text to speech API with Asterisk, in Bash scripts, and in web pages. Here is more about a small Bash script that I use for some alarms and completion messages.

Added a USB-C Yubikey since the Asus Chromebook Flip C302 is USB-C only.

Reported an issue in SikuliX, a Java image based testing / automation tool. Bug fix was committed in less than 24 hours. Open source software rocks.