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Patrick L Archibald (PLA) ✅☮🚲♡ @PLA

@PiSquare You need to join the beta channel here: Then update the app. You should get version 3.5.31.

@PiSquare You message says 3.5.13 but the latest is 3.5.31. Not sure if that was a typo of not. Anyway #Twidere 3.5.31 is working for me. Got a screenshot of that message?

@lertsenem @WelshPixie Here is the Google Play URL to get on the beta channel for #Twidere It has Mastodon support. The latest version is 3.5.31.

Here is the Google Play URL to get on the beta channel for #Twidere that has Mastodon support.

@CobaltVelvet @chswx I changed my mind. I was missing my local weather posts. I've turned it back on but the toots are private now. Let me know if it causes any issues. Thanks.

@czmilosz "brilliant gem". You got that right. Nice. 😃

@CobaltVelvet @chswx OK but I shut it down anyway. No need to waste disk storing those images. I don't want to be a bad netizen. Thanks.

I really like #Hugo static site generator. Not sure I am going to look any further. Sweet! Good-bye #Blogger.

@mcg Thanks. I see @popey is using Nikola. I'll check it out.

Exploring static site generators. First up Hugo.

Perfectly Franks Restaurant in Summerville South Carolina permanently closed.

@mcg Yeah. Tweet and Toot with one click. 👍