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Moved to @PLA

I've moved from to due to reliability issues with's hosting service Scaleway.

@CobaltVelvet In case you weren't already aware, images are not loading. Tried from a couple of different Internet connections. I'm in the USA.

Finished season 2 of Master of None. Good stuff. Hope there is a season 3.

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My bike wasn't alone this evening like it normally is. 😊

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Going for a spin on the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine with an Ubuntu VM.

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When Google Music whole home audio flakes out I go local with Rhythmbox and Pulseaudio-DLNA.

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@churley79 Yeah. I watched the Kentucky Derby 2017. Here is an animated GIF from my MythTV recording.

If I ever have to return to the Bees Ferry Rd Charleston County Landfill I will take my 500mm lens to photograph the bald eagles.

This is so helpful Google. Thanks for the information. 😉

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I use IBM Watson's text to speech API with Asterisk, in Bash scripts, and in web pages. Here is more about a small Bash script that I use for some alarms and completion messages.

Added a USB-C Yubikey since the Asus Chromebook Flip C302 is USB-C only.

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@churley79 Yeah. Great weather if you don't mind a little heat and humidity. Big crowd. Good times.

@churley79 sadly I don't know any of these bands. I am in to instrumental rock guitarists of Joe Satriani's style.

@churley79 My stepson's band Half Way Down and a bunch of other bands. 😉