Yay! mastodon.social is back up. Tooting from my old account on octodon.social.mas

mastodon.social is down. Tooting from my old account on octodon.social.

I've moved from PLA@octodon.social to pla@mastodon.cloud due to reliability issues with octodon.social's hosting service Scaleway.

@CobaltVelvet In case you weren't already aware, images are not loading. Tried from a couple of different Internet connections. I'm in the USA.

If I ever have to return to the Bees Ferry Rd Charleston County Landfill I will take my 500mm lens to photograph the bald eagles.

I use IBM Watson's text to speech API with Asterisk, in Bash scripts, and in web pages. Here is more about a small Bash script that I use for some alarms and completion messages. patrickarchibald.com/post/bash

Reported an issue in SikuliX, a Java image based testing / automation tool. Bug fix was committed in less than 24 hours. Open source software rocks. github.com/RaiMan/SikuliX-2014

Took 1 hour to cycle from Nexton to lake Moultrie. Nice ride. Low traffic.

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