long ago, the four elements lived in harmony

🌊 water

πŸŒͺ️ air

⛰️ earth

:jorts: jorts

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this is my favourite ever post. im so proud of myself

@OfficialABBA I’m going to print that shit and put it in a frame.

@OfficialABBA obligatory but everything changed when the fire nation attacked

@lady_lumb i've never even seen the last airbender did i do the format right

*uncle iroh voice*
whats important is that you did the format the way you felt was right

@OfficialABBA i'm glad there's finally a rational explanation for the way he dresses


[Qadim, jorts djinn] You know what my menagerie really needs right now? A WATER DJINN!

[Zommoros, water djinn] Wha-? NO! QADIM!

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