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the 'sex number' isn't 69, the 'sex number' is zero, the number of times it's legal for you to have had sex

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long ago, the four elements lived in harmony

🌊 water

🌪️ air

⛰️ earth

:jorts: jorts

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read my thing or you're a cop. it's about the wachowski sisters and anti-capitalism. i talk about The Matrix being communist. there's even a photo of keanu reeves in it

does anyone know where i can get an ACAB crop top (in the UK). definitely asking for a friend

me jules and evan are forming a gang. we're an exclusive boys club now

does everyone on here still like carly rae jepsen

ok gonna go play age of empires be back in 3 hours

also i'm studying in the netherlands next year so im gonna come back with a hot dutch bf, watch this space

since i was last on this site i have kissed three (3) boys and i intend to kiss many more in 20biteen

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when im feeling happy i emit the tinkly star noise from mario galaxy

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just found out about history. cant believe all that stuff happened, wild

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this was the best possible way for me to return to this site

some important personal news: there's a new carly rae jepsen album coming out next month

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hello it's a very normal day today and i would like some very normal birthday boosts, as today is actually my birthday. i am glad everyone is relaxed today and willing to entertain themselves by boosting this toot

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