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If any of my toots cause you any harm in any way whatsoever, please let me know so I can learn how not to do it again.

Everything you learn about Socialism or Anarchism in and out of school is biblically biased and wrong. And that's no coincidence.

Finally got around to putting outer sleeves on my records, damn old album covers just hit a bit different don’t they ?

Hmm struggling with my hobbies just being a part of capitalism. I love collecting records, and creating art from old analog video gear, but at the end of they day it’s trading my money for material things.

TIL: you can create a Python class that has immutable variables by overriding the __setattr__ function

@NeuroWinter “the team of 5 million are excluding those expats overseas” what a ridiculous statement, of course there is a difference between people here and who are not.

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@NeuroWinter honestly if we do move it feels more like a political move more than a public safety consideration. But hey I’m no expert

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Moment of truth for Auckland to see if we move alert levels !

Imagine if you woke up with memories from your point of view when you appeared in other people’s dreams that night

So I’m in the market for a new laptop (or mini pc) has anyone had good experiences with system76 or am I best to go for a lenovo?

Fash got hacked 

This is truly beautiful... Epik fail.

tech support, tech dps, tech tank, and tech healer

Darkest Dungeon mechanics remain the most useful schema for my own mental health.

like this morning i read a custody case file that instantly put me into a stress check, i failed, and now i'm going to spend the rest of the day cursing at people and stealing things until i can go home and whip myself.

New book day - I’ve had a lot of people recommend this to me, and I’ve been reading James Clear’s newsletters for a while now. Let’s hope the book is good as everyone says it is !

Analog composite video simulation (for retro video-like video production):

"the reason for this project is to provide the internet a better simulation of composite video-based emulation, especially for the rash of people on YouTube who all have their own ideas on what VHS artifacts looks like"

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