Why on earth is it, so hard to find and old video camera in the city. I went to ~10 second hand stores.

Also, screw modular for now, it's far too expensive for me right now. Instead, I'm going to buy myself an old video mixer :)

How on earth do you confront someone on how much their interrupting everyone is infuriating?

Sonic the hedgehog but he's a normal hedgehog and eggman is a farmer

Merge conflicts, exactly what I want to deal with 1st thing in the morning.

I suck so much at writing with an active voice.

While Grammarly is good at getting most of my mistakes right, I end up spending far too long trying to correct all the errors with "passive voice."

Damn I really want to get into some modular video synths, but the buy in point is so damn high!

You have to buy a case and a power supply, which ends up costing more than the initial modules you want to use!

Aww yeah, it turns out the Sony BVM I was given has both analog cards! Meaning I can use it to display composite, RGB and SDI!

Few things irritate me more than being interpreted when you are only a few words into a sentence.

my dissertations entire methods section will be just this image

Here is the output of my adventures in fractal image compression!

" It won't be the witches that are burning this time"

I have been looking in to old obsolete image encoders from the 70s. Fractal image compression was actually a really cool!

Does anyone know of weird old encoders that I should look into?

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