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Since it’s the done thing and it’s been a while since I did the thing!

Hey I’m NeuroWinter, I’m a / engineer by day, nerd by night.

I obsess over old or equipment, love my and records.

I make in my spare time that I’m too pedantic about to post that often.

Based in

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If any of my toots cause you any harm in any way whatsoever, please let me know so I can learn how not to do it again.


What's better than having two awesome hobbies?

Having the two awesome hobbies partner up!

Celebrating 50 years of , coming soon - Dungeons and Dragons LEGO sets!

Got product ideas already?

There's a contest for FAN ideas to become part of the collection! 👇👇👇



tell us your wildest incident response stories (without violating your NDAs)


Currently listening to a great talk on Data Labeling by Shayan Mohanty from !

Going over a lot of the problems I have faced while trying to get a cohesive data set from hand labeling

Thank you to for featuring this in todays unsupervised newsletter today

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Damn, this recon tool is both amazing and terrifying

Gonna build a report on myself later today !

Well I just spent about an hour researching different e-ink tablets for reading technical books. Turns out that I either need to pay a lot or get something that improve my reading experience that much. And who knows if I’ll actually use it.

Having the incorrect practice implemented at a company or even having the wrong expectations on what the practice will provide can really destroy a team. I think that is why a good agile coach is so beneficial for both the developers and the upper management!

I really don't like the new Zoom icon after updating, I just don't like change



ffuf -w "urllist.txt:URL" -u "https://URL/autodiscover/autodiscover.json?" -mr "IIS Web Core" -r

404 --> vulnerable


Wow to use your own Microsoft license in AWS WorkSpaces you need to run at least 4 always on or 20 AutoStop GPU instances.... that adds up to a fair chunk of money

This is a prime example of why sites should rate limit their coupon endpoint:

I have had a lot of marked as wont-fix due to this, but the impact can be massive!

I have been recommended 4000 weeks by to help me with this I’ll let you know how the book goes !

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I’m more shocked that they were ever used as evidence!


California moves to block use of rap lyrics as incriminating evidence in court


“Internal” tools always make me so nervous.

Finally getting time to catch up on some amazing podcasts that I’ve fallen behind on: and !

I feel as though in recent years I’ve been obsessed about productivity, however all it seems to have done is make me feel bad about how little I’m achieving. I’ve spend countless hours reading and implementing productivity tips, and I’m not sure it’s done anything good.

Getting back into a project that you haven’t been working on for a long time sure is daunting. I think I’ve forgotten almost everything about Django development.

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