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Good morning masto mates, hope you all are having a great day/evening/morning!

Boy scouts, but it teaches programming and hacker ethics

HongKong POL 

I have also found it interesting to follow CGTNOfficial on bridsite. its the China Global Television Network which is what is being reported to people in China.

Cathay has come under intense pressure from Beijing, after some of its staff supported the protests that have been going on for nearly three months. Over the past fortnight, the airline sacked two pilots for being involved in the protests, and also two ground staff.

Damn I just caught up the on the things happening in I wish there was something I could do to help...

Analog video de enhancer is almost done ! Just need to find some knobs

If I ever need to travel for a conference again, I’m coming the day before, so I actually have energy.

Awww yeah going to in tomorrow, stoked to be going to a tutorial on

My partner just got a package labeled “Dangerous Goods” - now I’m trying to think of what I have done wrong

Came across these looking for something even more #cyberpunk (if you can believe it).

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