So tempted to get this magic glitch box case made out of brass

My company's 2019 Website Threat Research report is out.

Man, I forget all the day to day work our teams do to unveil all the crappy shit that bad guys try to do to us on the internet.

I'm not sure what I did to earn a credit at the end, but I'll take it.

It's a long read, but really good. If you're in infosec you'll probably recognize some of what we've reported on.

Share away.

I’ve seen a lot less talk about Brave browser, I just installed it on my phone and it seems to be pretty good so far.

I am shocked to see the amount of companies that are sharing my infomation with Facebook, here are only a few of them: ... The list goes on. If anyone has FB still then I would really recomend having a look at their new tool 'Off-Facebook' which shows you who has shared info with them.

Interesting to see that even more Itel bugs are coming out of the works, makes me wonder how long these have been known but not reported: is more powerful than you can imagine.

'New: leaked documents, data, contracts show how hugely popular antivirus Avast now harvests internet browsing data and sells it for millions of dollars. Clients included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft. Documents show a product called "All Clicks Feed"'


i'm curious how many other haitian people there are on mastodon?

What does google get out of offering google colab for free for 12 hours a day?

Sitting down with a beer, tunes and some ML, life is good.

Macbooks are the best $300 laptops you'll ever pay $1000 for

Here is a question for 'yall. If you sent an email to help desk and you deliberately attached the a file with the same data checksum twice, would you expect both files to be uploaded into the ITSM system. These files might have different names, or the same it does not matter.

damn it I just cant get log watch to send emails using gmail. No idea what I am doing wrong...

Really enjoying this new BitTorrent-exclusive original series, the Mandalorian

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