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If any of my toots cause you any harm in any way whatsoever, please let me know so I can learn how not to do it again.

Got a full nights sleep but woke up tired, want to go back to bed, but I can’t get back to sleep :(

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ok I’m deadly serious when I say this. if there is anyone who lives in the Oakland/sf Bay Area willing to let me live in their attic or garage or something for a week or two please let me know. I’m quiet and unobtrusive. I’ll get COVID tested and everything. I’m going completely out of my mind in this house. My mom and I are both constantly on the verge of breakdown and even if I could stay with my boyfriend (I can’t) itd end disastrously.

Well we are in a massive drought, and I really want to water my garden :( I don’t want it all to die.

Diagnosing and finding the root cause of perceived problems is very difficult if you don’t even know the symptoms.

Either I am doing pair programming wrong, or it just sucks so much.

Still confused about what AWS Kendra provides over your own gpt2 model and interface

“Great software today is often preferable to the fantasy of perfect software tomorrow”

Wow spent a lot of today researching paid named entity extraction tool - they are all crap....

work *nix development 

Has anyone set up a shared development server for the dev teams at work? It looks like there is a push for us to use windows on our work laptops. However we are all running *nix atm.


Feels like I have spent all day writing documents and it’s only lunch time...

If any of my toots cause you any harm in any way whatsoever, please let me know so I can learn how not to do it again.

The whole idea of “networking“ is strange to me, it’s like you enter a relationship with someone with a motive

party idea, a party of short warforged and a single artificer. The artificer creates a bag of holding, and all the warforged jump in. They can live in there indefinitely because they don’t need to breath, then we trouble strikes they all jump out !

In The Mummy, the mummy takes the eyes of someone who needs glasses, does that mean he can’t see well without glasses as well ?

Gonna open a mime hospital and call it Silent Treatment

I saved this to my phone on the 22nd of December 2019 and it was horribly prophetic for the year to come

Well it looks like I will be moving back into the office! However I have been super happy working from home on my desktop. I am tempted to figure out a way to continue using my desktop remotely, thinking just sshing into it will be okay, does anyone else do this ?

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