I don't care if all the other kids are doing Powershell

Friends don't let friends Powershell

there's a reason it's not called Powersheaven

Here’s the national alert system doing its thing. #NewZealand is all go. Or all stop, rather. #COVID19

covid19 capitalism 

Where do you put dirty dishes?



How are you being treated during the Corona Virus issue as an employee?

If your employer is taking care of you, please tell me!

I’m trying to make a list of businesses that should be frequented ASAP when things reopen for treating their employees well since they’ll suffer a financial hit!!!!

Good morning all!
Hope we are all having a great day!

Whats your plans for today?

The song is Gypsy Panther by Against Me.

I decided to sing a feeling. I think it's a feeling that a lot of us can identify with. Maybe sharing it will help people feel less alone.

While on a flight from SFO to AKL, the NZ government announced that it will be closing its boarder, but since we were already in the air it would not apply to us. What surprised me the most was the amount of people complaining about it, even though they get to be let into NZ and get the added protection of a closed boarder.

I just sneezed and everyone around me gave me the biggest evils

It is funny that everyone was wearing masks but when they got through security, most people have taken them off

Just got through security at SFO, there are a lot of people in line for security but afterwards it has been okay

Hey, I've got a voice and a microphone. You have things in your head that you want to make into reality. I assume. I can't see inside your head.

Send me things to record. Give me as little or as much direction as you want.

Our shitposts will carry us through.

from my Twitter :blocky_white_cursor: 

landlords: this is just another injustice unleashed on us
mao: oh i'll unleash something on you alright
landlords: what
mao: what

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Does anyone have/use any products from Silent Pocket ?

covid-19 semi shitpost (the news is real) 

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