Le deuxième épisode de la série documentaire Overworld est en ligne youtu.be/Cz8I8fxqglQ

Ça parle des à monde ouvert dans les

Et pour le moment, c'est très

Pour que la série se termine, et que les deux premiers épisodes soient finalisés, c'est par ici en contributif : kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projec

Model III, Paper Craft (with Robokoma) vs. Real (with Doraemon). (papercraft from rockybergen.com/papercraft ; real from my collection).

"Histoire Illustrée de l'informatique" was already an excellent reading, now the second, augmented, edition of this book in French is available.

It's been a long time since the first episode. In this second episode, I have a look at the BASIC programming language history. (it's in french, but has english subtitles) youtu.be/CJkq_OHuDsA

I love the idea of exercism.io, learning a language by being peer reviewed. Reviews are benevolant and responsive. Now, it's been 15 days since my latest submission and I get no review. I wonder if my code was THIS bad :) (or people just busy, I hope) ()

10 B$="AAHGGGGGCB00A@GGGGCBCB00998898=<10"
20 LB=LEN(B$)
40 A=ASC(MID$(B$,I,1))+ASC(MID$(B$,I+1,1))-64

With now some articles on the site, I've added a page to list them all. I was lost myself trying to find reference content again... triceraprog.fr/archives.html

That's the day. 20 years ago was my first day at . I was not sure I would stay more than one year there, but apparently, time goes fast.

Taking pictures of the to complete my re-drawing of the schematics.

Il y a 35 ans seulement, des élèves se servent d'un ordinateur pour la première fois. Que de chemin parcouru depuis. youtu.be/c1O6og9T-7Y (computer first time users in 1983, in french)

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