For those out there of the Subgenius bent, I have sad news. Dr. K'Taden Legume (center, pic from X-Day 2002) has boarded the Pleasure Saucers. He was with people who loved him and knew he was loved. Honestly, he was a badass to the end, and I (the chick on the right in the pic) shall miss him.

Is it also bad that I'm starting to look at teaching jobs in Ontario because I just cannot bear the idea of living in America much longer?

Is it bad that I came back from Beer Night and made a batch of Manhattans?

New Forged in Fire is Round One of a five-week tournament. This is gonna be GOOD.

Announced on FB that I'm nuking my account at the end of the month. Should be enough time for people to at least ask for an email addy.

I was believed.

I was told it wasn't a big deal and that I was being dramatic.

I then believed that it was okay.

I was a mess for many, MANY years.

This is what happens when everyone shares a single database for grades. I get to find out there's a reason I'm so tired.

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Hmm. Found out a couple of minutes ago that I have DOUBLE the number of students taking my classes as everyone else. No wonder I'm also turning in the highest number of completed school credits!

Yom Kippur in the middle of the week gives me a chance to stop everything and refocus. I like spending the day alone in a quiet place, figuring out where I have missed the mark in the past year and how I can make amends with the world and myself.

Trying not to cough while working with a pregnant student is my struggle of the morning. I do not want to give her this cold!

If you want silly entertainment, I recommend dropping a handful of cilantro into your guinea pig hutch. They will play tug-of-war and it is so CUTE!

Not sure what is more satisfying to remove, my contact lenses or my bra. Either way, both are put away for the night. AHHHHH...

Just took a look at the weather maps. Hang on to your hairdos, all of you on the East Coast!

For those Of The Tribe, Shana Tova U'metuka!

My school now has a part-time therapy dog and she is one of the sweetest Goldendoodles I have ever met. 30 seconds with Esme and my blood pressure dropped.

I am never going to get this song out of my head. I'm kind of okay with that.

I feel so bad for my friends whose kiddos are either losing a day of supervision because schools are closed OR who are trying to learn despite horrible heat.

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Short week at school. It's the only job I can think of where I steal supplies from home and bring them to work. However, I'm in a building that's almost fully air-conditioned (the gym is a nightmare), so I'm in a better space than most.

It is 96 with a heat index of 104. Our insane young neighbor is mowing his already perfect front lawn. I got heat exhaustion just running out for milk.

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