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Of all Internet users in India, only about a 4th are women. In many cases male members monitor/ regulate usage. For women with access, specially in less urban areas, the Internet is a panacea from orthodoxy.

Shutting down the Internet is like a double head shot to marginlized groups in society like women in India. Other groups on the lines of caste and class are stifled. Internet access is a basic human right, but govts across the world don't seem to agree.



I make stuff. Sometimes I post pictures of it.

I go places. Sometimes I post pictures of those places or the conveyances that take me there. This may include my feet.

I have a dog. Dogs seem to like me. Sometimes I post pictures of dogs.

I drink beer. Sometimes I post pictures of beer.

I like my work. Sometimes my coworkers are a trial and I rant about them.

I like humor. Sometimes I will attempt it. Occasionally that works.

I like the clientele here.

Mastodonஇல் இணையும் முதல் நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர். விழுப்புரம் எம்.பி @Writerravikumar அவர்கள். வருக சார் :) #Tamil

Probably the first Member of Indian Parliament to Enter @Mastodon network. Dr. Ravikumar, MP of Villupuram Constituency is here now. Welcome sir :) @Gargron

who called it a sewing circle and not quilt by association

So many things I wanna read and learn about... only so little time.

@fribbledom Learn as much as you can in the time you have. No sense fretting about what you didn't get a chance to do.

race/meta-discourse (not explicitly fedi stuff) 

thinking about all the people who shot me down for calling out their bad comments

'it was just a joke, i didn't mean to make anyone feel bad!' -> 'you shouldn't make me feel bad when i'm just having a good time.'

it's just when a white person's need to not feel like they were doing anything wrong being held as more important than a non-white person's need to have their identity respected, and it hurts.

Not worried about the LA fires 'cause tomorrow is November 2019, when Blade Runner is set, so things should get nice and rainy and runaway-android-y.

The werewolf held a pumpkin shaped bucket. In it's massive paws it appeared comically small .

"Twick o' tweat? Oh, um, and no chockit, pwease."

I looked up at their puppy eyes, just visible below my door frame.

Beside them, a vampire dressed as a cheerleader rolled his eyes; behind them both a barely corporeal ghost struggled to keep their sheet on.

"Is... a tummy rub a treat?"

The werewolf's tail knocked over all my jack-o-lanterns.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal

Me: sends email question to co-worker accidentally using my home address

Co-worker (three days later): I don't trust that you're really who you say you are. Please send that question from your work address.

Me (ten minutes after that): ok. resends from work address

Co-worker (four days later): I'm on leave. Ask someone else instead.

"The Headless Horsesnoot"

In the dark of night, the disembodied nose and mouth of a roan horse terrorizes the New England village of Glazedham, stealing carrots and sugar cubes, whinnying outside doors, and blowing huge equine snot goobers into the ears of those foolish enough to sleep with the window open. Can nothing stop this menace? Can Wilson the Paranormal Cowboy solve the mystery and placate the beast? Or will the Chamber of Commerce's evil plan to profit off the citizens misery succeed?

Turns out the hotel has pretty good craft beers in tap. Now drinking a Kilty Pleasure. #beer

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In Redding for a Lions club event. I wanted to go to a brewery. They wanted to go to sushi. Guess who won?

The Orion is surprisingly good, though I'd like more hops.

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