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In Redding for a Lions club event. I wanted to go to a brewery. They wanted to go to sushi. Guess who won?

The Orion is surprisingly good, though I'd like more hops.

Oh cielo, manco son buono a postà gattini.


Img description: black and white photo of a black, adult #dog getting progressively more sleepy, in the first one she's sitting on a bed, in the last one she sleeps .

Reason #268 why Porco Rosso is one of the top Miyazaki films

A pattern of success makes you more likely to return to a task, so for some of us, setting smaller -- even LUDICROUSLY small --goals actually gets us where we want to go *faster.*

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Wherein mhoye climbs back out of a rabbit hole with a story:

"But if you ever wondered why just about every terminal in the world is eighty characters wide and twenty-five characters tall, there you go."

Somebody on the 2nd floor of this building really likes lens wipes. REALLY likes them. As in, we keep a box of 250 on a shelf outside the optics lab, and within two days it's empty. We only use about a dozen a day in the lab, and there's not very many of us in this part of the building. We're speculating on who could use so many so fast so often. Best idea so far: they're wringing the alcohol out of them to make the world's worst martinis.

*Brzzp*. "Hi, I'm a time traveler. What timeline is this? What's the last recording format you purchased?"


"Oh, taking advantage of the second-hand market, eh?"

"No, actually, it was $35 dollars and brand new".

"Did digital somehow pass this timeline by?"

"Nope, but analog formats are superior"


"And demand for cassettes has outstripped the ability to produce them"

"Yeah, uh, gotta go. MAYDAY, MDAYDAY! GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

cursed food idea 

hot twinkets; it's the combination of twinkies and hot pockets in one marshmallow-cheese filled explosion of flavor

Whew, I almost fell into a deep trap indeed.

I was reminded of the webcomic Rice Boy and read a few random pages. If I hadn't pulled myself away, I would have been lost in that world for many hours, indeed.

If you've never been, I suggest you seek it out. Just...set aside some time, is all I ask.

US Healthcare, Open Enrollment 

It only runs from November 1st to December 15th this year, and they're not gonna advertise it obviously

Coverage starts January 1st 2020


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