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@pzmyers so starting it out as "to whom it may concern"might not have been the right approach?

@pzmyers I tried paying my taxes with thoughts and prayers, but the IRS got really really upset.

@thindol yay for adultitude! And for pet snuggles!

Before buying a home, people need a homeowner's license. To get this, you must show you have a basic set of tools (inspected every two years to make sure you haven't done something like lose the screwdrivers by using them as garden stakes), and demonstrate basic homeowner's skills, like resetting a breaker, fixing a toilet flapper valve, cleaning the dryer outlet, and so on. Retested every five years, and must show an added new skill at each retest. Well, that's how it should be.

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Dr. Albert Erives, a biologist at the University of Iowa, has identified a virus family whose set of genes is similar to that of eukaryotes, an organism classification that includes all plants and animals. The finding is important because it helps clarify how eukaryotes evolved after branching from prokaryotes (single-celled organisms) about two billion years ago... sci-news.com/biology/giant-vir

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@brook @nobody I am totally drawing up a Rock & Roll not exactly a Bard character class. Might never get to play it, but it'll be a fun exercise even so.

@automaticorange a much healthier way to poison yourself. And usually better tasting.

Fucking Microsoft Outlook Clutter feature is the worst idea since Clippy. Maybe even worse than that.

@stoof score! That's even better than finding the last can of pale ale swimming at the bottom of a cooler full of soda and Keystone lights.

@generica it's so nice how all those segregation problems were solved all at once 64 years ago, isn't it?

@mardy that is wonderful beyond all description.

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Somehow I've missed this (unforgivable!). Don't miss the ultimate #LEGO machine: youtube.com/watch?v=g5y1pdPVDx

@sonicbooming I'm going to start overlaying that in random pictures that I take.