The air attack on the fire was impressive.

Note the first three aren't mine. They were taken by a local photographer, SLV Steve. I was about 2 km away.

The view from the top of the road about midday today. Fire started around 11am, just as I was about to head for work. CalFire and the local VFDs were on it in minutes, and had it mostly contained at just 10 acres by 2pm. Whew!

@Averly Stated car to usefulness correlation does not compute. Not logical. Error. Error! ERRO-!! [brain explodes, showering beer foam all over like the sparks in a bad sci-fi special effect]

@shingworks @NeilaK20 if you're not concerned about style, the 3M 62023HA1-C is cheaper and provides better filtering. I use that and its full face cousin for heavy smoke and/or fine dust. Considering digging it out tonight (*koff* *koff*). You can probably get one Amazon prime pretty soon.

@shingworks indeed. My nose is fed up with this smoke and has started falling apart.

RT Surprise motherfucker.

@CobaltVelvet excellent! Those are the previous relics of our culture that should be preserved for generations in the distant future.

@Mainebot good thinking. That way you also skip the "really regrettable terrible costly purchase in an attempt to make myself feel better" phase as well.

@Averly yeah story time!

[Grabs blanket, doggo, and a bowl of snacks; sits cross-legged with a wide eyed expression of hopefully anticipation]

@ohyran Any whey you slice it, this sounds like a curdling experience. Dairy ask how the encounter turned out? Hopefully your group briesed through the fight, leaving the goblins full of holes.

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