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@Mainebot are you letting @DEATHUNICORN use the remote again? I thought you'd learned better after the last couple of movies.

@ksonney sure beats an Apple watch or Fitbit as a fashion accessory.

@jkb I believe I'll head for the pub shortly for a couple of pints and a packet of peanuts.

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Some peoples debate about the existence of a 'soul'.

If there was such a thing, apps installed through Google Play would ask for permission to take control of it so it surely do not exists.

@Averly watch out! Most easy rests the butt that sits upon the golden throne. You might find yourself excessively relaxed and incapable of further motion for hours at a time.

Mercalli says "Hello, Jack!" and "Please give @Averly some nose bumps and wags for me."


Lyrics that didn't make it into the album...

"Our house
Is a very very fine house
With two cats in the yard
And an arrow in the butt"

Look Wiley E. Coyote Super-genius Matlab guy, my GPU port of a tiny part of your "can't speed it up any more" script cut runtime by 48%. You find this "disappointing" and you could "speed it up by 100%" because you did a GPU port 5 years ago for a completely different problem in a different environment with a smaller dataset. So shaving almost a week off a 2 week run isn't worth merging, and you're on contract, getting paid by the day, and the contract ends when the final results are in...


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Bartender! I'll have one of whatever it is that @Averly is having.

On second thought, make it a double.

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I... hate... compatability.

I hate when software is bad because "changing it would break stuff".

Well fucking change it and have the stuff break and then fix that stuff. DON'T JUST LET STUFF BE BAD.

@hexmaniac and the problem is that all that beer is gone. Fortunately, there's a place nearby that can remedy the situation.