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MightyBigCar @MightyBigCar@octodon.social

For no apparent good reason, here is a whole lot of cute - Mercalli's girlfriend McSorley as a little pup.

This shed is once again the ultimate power in the yurtiverse. I suggest we use it.


Mercalli and smolfren Chloe have their morning romp. The two fiercest fuzzball goods in Winnetka.


For @Averly - it's not a big claw thing, just a small claw thing. But we burned it all up with out burning anything down. Success!


Sunrise from the California Zephyr Amtrak #6, eastbound near Creston, Iowa.


May contain nuts.

Yes, I'm drinking a beer made with bull testicles. And it's actually really good.


Mercalli attempting to get his whole head in the peanut butter jar in his best Winnie the Pooh heffalump impersonation.

Seems like there hasn't been a pineapple sighting around here in a while.


Some folks appear to be having trouble with this whole "vegetarian” concept thing.


Saturday nr 2: After over a month of struggle finally defeated the evil epoxy bubble on the left hand board. Of course, its sibling has manifested near the knothole on the right hand board. But now I know what it takes to beat it.

[bubbles in one-coat epoxy have 2 sources. a) air entrained during the mixing process, and b) air in a crack in the board. You can pop them with CO2 from your breath or propane torch, but the latter are real buggers to get rid of]


on Saturday nr 1: Helped this wandering doggo get back in touch with his humans.