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MightyBigCar @MightyBigCar@octodon.social

Seems like there hasn't been a pineapple sighting around here in a while.


Some folks appear to be having trouble with this whole "vegetarian” concept thing.


Saturday nr 2: After over a month of struggle finally defeated the evil epoxy bubble on the left hand board. Of course, its sibling has manifested near the knothole on the right hand board. But now I know what it takes to beat it.

[bubbles in one-coat epoxy have 2 sources. a) air entrained during the mixing process, and b) air in a crack in the board. You can pop them with CO2 from your breath or propane torch, but the latter are real buggers to get rid of]


on Saturday nr 1: Helped this wandering doggo get back in touch with his humans.


From his post on the picnic table, supervisor Mercalli can make sure the road grading is progressing according to plan.

Looks like the first hour of the new year will be spent sitting in a closet, soothing dogs frightened by fireworks.


Mercalli modeling his hearing protectors. This and doggy meds and lots of snuggles will hopefully get him through tonight's windstorm and the scary sound of acorns on the yurt roof. Wish us luck.


Yesterday's yurt wurk - measuring and cutting the bar top for the pony wall. Only 4½ years into the project...

Today I'd planned to sand and seal it, but spent the whole freaking day replacing a garbage disposal instead. Grumble.


Inspector of roads Mercalli approves of the results. Plus it makes a nice cool spot for tired dogs to rest.


The land plane makes nice smooth roads. It takes a few passes, though.


Mercalli rocking his Dr Horrible goggles while getting laser therapy for his injured left leg.