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MightyBigCar @MightyBigCar@octodon.social

Time for another break. Beer and water this time.

Water break on the trail with Mercalli and his BFF Toby (currently being a camera hog).

Almost two days late in posting this cause I'm so tiiiiired...

AJ Lee and Blue Summit closing out Yurtville Weekend, with assistance from Pepper.

Carne Cruda churning the seas with "Shark Attack"!

Streamside jams with The Drool Pigs.

Yurtville Weekend day 2: Carolyn Sills Combo opens the evening with "Big Canoe"!

Surfer Joe opening Yurtville Weekend with Pipeline!

Sunday night lazy ass porch sitting. Doggo, beer, tunes, warm evening.

My friends helped build this today. It's pathway lights for some of the major trails in the property. It turned out super nice! on Saturday!

Mercalli's new doggo fren, Panda.

Got home too late to check the Mk II be bath for activity, but it looks like there wasn't much. I refilled the small baths, and this morning there were a few customers for the Mk II (no more than two or three at a time), but the small baths had the most traffic (ten or more bees each). We'll see if that changes over time.

Thrift store bee bath Mk II is ready for the bees. The bees, on the other hand, are mighty suspicious of this contraption, and are sticking to their familiar little baths. We'll see what the situation is this evening, after the little baths have run dry.

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Good night trees, good night stars, good night mastofolks.