Victory! Or at least close enough for yurt wurk. Time for beer, weed, dinner, and a couple of volumes of Atomic Robo.

I've discovered the job I dislike even more than welding while lying on my back: chiseling up an overly-thick layer of old tile mortar. Seriously, if the tiles were too thin you should have used thicker tiles, not made up the difference by slathering on the thinset. It's called "thinset" for a reason.


I seem to have somehow contracted @distel 's cold from 8000km away. At least today's unseasonably warm weather allows me to sit on the deck and look at the trees, which is about all that's possible in an OTC cold remedy haze. I can also pretend I'm doing some useful work.

Trying to learn how to take up old thinset tile mortar without gouging the backer. Haven't quite got it yet, but getting better with practice. There'll be some plaster work to do before it's ready to lay the new tiles.

The Brewing Lair in Blairsden is a pretty good place.

Me and the Doggos are 100% down with . It makes far more sense than most other holidays.

Last night's camp view from somewhere in Boise National Forest. Destination was Cottonwood Campground, but I got lost. This spot was better.

That sunset just got more and more amazing. I stopped taking pictures too close to the end.

Middle Fork Swan River sunset. (Last Saturday)

Uh-oh looks like I'm going to have to drive through this.

From last night at Rye Patch Reservoir, messing around with the settings on the phone camera. Long duration, high ISO, picnic table as a tripod, a brief click of the headlamp to illuminate the truck. The moon is setting behind the truck.

This might be the last good and warm lazy ass porch sitting evening of this summer. The day was very warm and still, but the evening breeze is distinctly cool. Fall is definitely on its way.

The workspace today is somewhat more congenial than last night. Don't have the bandwidth for the Burning Man cam, but I'll suffer. Hopefully I can avoid having to drive in to work and push a physical power button.

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