Tired Doggo2 sleeps by my hiking sandals and hiking boots so that I can't sneak off on an adventure without him.

Three tired hiking doggo. L to R: Luna (sometimes Doggo2), Mercalli (always Doggo1), and Gumbo (doggo fren).

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Rainy around Yurtville today, so I stayed spent the day tidying the electrical shed. Behold the clean and organized workstation!

Mercalli is seriously bothered by fireworks, and I forgot to bring his hearing protectors on this trip, so he's rocking a scarf and some heavy socks as an improvised hearing protection.

The next bit, bringing the chimney through the wall, took for-freaking-ever. I didn't take many pictures. But it's done except for the sealant. My sweetie picked up the sealant for me, saving a couple of hours of driving. We'll seal the connections tomorrow, then it has to cure for 24 hours. But we should be able to have a Christmas morning fire in the stove!

Making of a thing continued all day today. First were the chimney support brackets.

Today the making of things continued. Sort of. The pellet stove fresh air intake is installed. The chimney is not installed, because I ordered the incorrect sealant (for the second freaking time), so that will have to wait till I can get the correct stuff. Hopefully I can get it tomorrow.

I made a thing today. Actually two things: the frames for the inlet and exhaust ducts for the yurt pellet stove. Each frame is two pieces of plywood with 3/4" x 1 1/2" blocking. The frames sandwich the yurt lattice and provide mounting surfaces for the duct thimbles.

Doggo2 head to go back to his humans yesterday. He's spent the past 24 hours watching out the window, hoping for BFF Doggo1 to return.

Mercalli sends happy inverted wiggle dance greetings to new mastodonians and octodontists!

Toby (Doggo2) is here for a weekend sleepover and hiking. He took his copilot duties on the drive up from flatland very very seriously.

It took massive amounts of non-procrastination, but the yurt kitchen is clean.

Cleanup done. There's some gaps with mortar in them - I was able to scrape quite a bit out after this picture was taken. Can't decide if they'll need grouting, or just hit the mortar with a group pen and call it good. The tile at 9 o'clock is a bit proud of the field in the front inner corner, but less than 1.5mm, and otherwise things came out much better than I expected.

Third row done. There's some squeeze out between the tiles, but it's not bad.

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