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I make stuff. Sometimes I post pictures of it.

I go places. Sometimes I post pictures of those places or the conveyances that take me there. This may include my feet.

I have a dog. Dogs seem to like me. Sometimes I post pictures of dogs.

I drink beer. Sometimes I post pictures of beer.

I like my work. Sometimes my coworkers are a trial and I rant about them.

I like humor. Sometimes I will attempt it. Occasionally that works.

I like the clientele here.

What kind of idiot schedules a conference call for 4pm to 5pm on today of all days?

Me: let's start an hour long download on the laptop.

Also me: ok, that's going to take a while, so now is the perfect time to replace the RAM in the, uh the laptop, erm... maybe a quick nap, instead.


Busy day at the workdesk. Morning fog has lifted.

Have a good day and three further #pics of yesterday's #walk in the #woods by the River Warnow.

Meru National Park is among the 4 parks that are located here in Meru County, it's one of the least visited park in Kenya I don't know why, I have been there thrice (mostly we are the only visitors),though boring in terms of traveling to look for animals it doesn't disappoint.

Meru National Park offers one of the best rhino-viewing experiences in the world, Meru National Park hosts a 24-hour surveillance rhino sanctuary that is home to the endangered black & white rhino species.

📸Tony Wild

Day 3 without . Something strange has happened to time. The world moves so fast. I move so slow.

Maybe a nap will help.

Let there be heat! The wurk yurt heater is hooked up and functioning admirably.

Two weeks ago...

Me: hey coworker! The streamer code occasionally goes into a 250% CPU hot loop when I try to disconnect from the device.

Coworker: hmm. Looks like race condition on the abort flag...


CW: ok, so we added a sleep to the offending thread, and had it re-check the exiting flag before clearing the abort flag.

Me: it's still vulnerable to the race condition. Why not use a mutex?

CW: because of the performance overhead of mutexes.

My desk: *repeated loud thumping noises*

Heater support panel is in place and the heater is mounted. Propane folks come tomorrow to run the line and hook the heater up.

Home again, time to get back to work on the wurk yurt heater support panel. The lacquer had three weeks to cure, so let's start putting it together. Today I laid out and drilled all the mounting holes, attached the inside exhaust guide plate, and attached the side uprights. Tomorrow I'll install some electrical boxes and conduit (gotta do it now, since the backside will be inaccessible after the panel is in place), fasten the panel to the yurt lattice, and hang the heater.

New work! I’ve got a week off work, so lots of hiking and photography in the pipeline.

This is Loughrigg Fell, from this morning’s sunrise. Not a big fell, but pretty nonetheless and it offers cracking views.

Loads more photos here 👍

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