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I make stuff. Sometimes I post pictures of it.

I go places. Sometimes I post pictures of those places or the conveyances that take me there. This may include my feet.

I have a dog. Dogs seem to like me. Sometimes I post pictures of dogs.

I drink beer. Sometimes I post pictures of beer.

I like my work. Sometimes my coworkers are a trial and I rant about them.

I like humor. Sometimes I will attempt it. Occasionally that works.

I like the clientele here.

A new burger joint opens in Seoul.

Their slogan is amazing.

Me [normal times]: hmm... My hair is getting annoyingly long. Time for a haircut? Naaah - there's more interesting things to do. I'll just wear a hat for the next six to ten months to I get around to it.

Me [COVID times]: aaah! My hair is getting annoyingly long!! All the barbershops are closed!!! I'm going to go crazy!!!! I can't take this another day!!!!! Where did I put the electric dog clippers?!?!?!

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A local blues club is going to start virtual music lessons that are donation based. Joanna Connor is doing an adult beginner guitar class at 12:15pm central on Sunday, as well as a slide seminar at 1pm central. She wants to do them every Sunday, so if you have a guitar and have slacked off on lessons, this is a great opportunity to pick it up again!

The New York Times is sharing a bunch of their Covid-19 data publicly:

> With no detailed government database on where the thousands of coronavirus cases have been reported, a team of New York Times journalists is attempting to track every case.


Github repo:


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2018: Possession of cannabis is illegal

2020: Cannabis shops cannot be closed, it's an essential service to the population!

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