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I... hate... compatability.

I hate when software is bad because "changing it would break stuff".

Well fucking change it and have the stuff break and then fix that stuff. DON'T JUST LET STUFF BE BAD.

In names of cluckeberus, the three headed guardian of the flaming chicken coop, I'm freaking tired. Good night mastofolks.

PS @Averly and @shingworks - stay cool, you're good people.

Attention Wiley E. Coyote Super Genius coworker! Some salient points.

1) saying there's no way to speed up your unoptimized Matlab code is a sure way to get me really interested in the problem.

2) telling everyone the result of my work is horrible and slower than your code, even when it runs in 0.4x the time and gives identical results, is a sure way to get me really pissed off.

3) either of the above is a sure way to get me to ignore all other projects and miss more than a few deadlines.

Alarm: beep beep
Brain: another nice day
Body: screw that let's sleep till half past June
Brain: what?
Body: you shouldn't've kept us all up till half past when last night
Brain: but the conversation was good
Ears: good music, too
Mouth: the beer was tasty
Body: hold on gang
Eyes: fire was sooo pretty
Brain: especially after those edibles
Tummy: and yummy tacos
Brain: OK, guys time for breakfast!
Body: I wouldn't do that...
[stands up]
Brain: oh holy hell
[falls down]
Body: tried to warn you.

Why are there no bluegrass songs about tacos?

Ok playlist is re-curated with a greater emphasis on banjo and dobro and the ilk. And the portion of songs involving weed or alcohol now exceeds 50%.

I was up waaay too late last night drinking beer and building the 4-hour playlist for a friend's party tonight.

Woke up at 6am, realizing "oh, yeah, they asked for bluegrass, didn't they? And there's like one bluegrass-y track in the whole thing."

Looks like some rework is in order.

In a meeting...

Coworker [whispers]: can I borrow a pen
Me [not taking eyes of cool technical demo]: takes cylindrical object from pocket, passes it over
Coworker: uuuuuhhhh...

It was a vape pen with a none too subtle :ms_weed: on it

Me: oops

Brain: what a glorious morning! It's great to wake up early!
Body: ermf
Brain: uh, body?
Body: sleeping
Doggo: scary wind sound snuggle
Brain: but it's so nice out!
Body: we hiked all over the mountain for a couple of days. Time to rest.
Brain: but-
Body: and you didn't wash Legs good so they're covered in poison oak.
Legs: itch itch itch
Brain: but-
Body: so we're going back to sleep
Brain: yawn but-
Doggo: scary sounds louder snuggle more
Body: resistance is futile zzzz
Brain: yawn but zzz

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It amazes me how well dogs can communicate and establish rules on the fly. The other day at work I saw a corgi designate a specific corner as "safe" while playing with a few other dogs and everyone respected that (aside from the puppy who is too young to know better). He would go there, chill for like a minute or two, and then get back up and run when he was ready and nobody would bother him in his corner.

Dogs are so good.

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I really wish that the US had a train system. A real one that people actually used with ridiculous speed, maglev trains.

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This is your birthday toot!
It isn't very cute!

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Stoned and drunk seems to be the right way to approach Matlab scripts written by a Fortran IV programmer.

But damn I make a lot of typos in the process.

For no apparent good reason, here is a whole lot of cute - Mercalli's girlfriend McSorley as a little pup.