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I would just like to take a moment and remind you that the people running your Mastodon instance are normal dorks like yourself, who are probably doing it as a side project.

If you want something from us, it's not a good idea for your first contact about it to be dripping with bitterness and sarcasm. Please be chill with your admin. Thanks. ๐Ÿ’“

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I think my favorite thing about the fediverse is that it actually never feels like I'm screaming into a void. It feels like I'm thinking out loud to a group of strangers who, despite not knowing me, are supportive and interested in what I have to say.

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toot boost my pup. sheโ€™s good and rarely toots herself.

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RT @timdanner@twitter.com: @doctorow@twitter.com I use a bookmarklet (bound to a hotkey!) that removes all โ€œposition:fixedโ€ elements from a page. Cleans up many annoyances instantly. alisdair.mcdiarmid.org/kill-st

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[Scene: late night on deck with laptop and doggos]
Doggo1: zzz
Doggo2: zzz
Body: must slep
Brain: finish docs first
Forest: [tiny rustle sound]
D1: is a noise in forest?
D2: is noise!
D1&D2: must chase!! Bork bork bork bork [exit forest right]
Forest: [crashing galumphing commotion, then quiet]
D1&D2: [somewhat later] we back!
D1: new smell!
D2: share it!
D1&D2: engage max wigglesnuggle!
Body: arg!nooo!
Nose: oh holy hell
Eyes: [streaming] it burns
Brain: burning tires?!?
Skunk in forest: hehehe

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More ๐Ÿ‘ dogs ๐Ÿ‘ please

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RT @purpleohms@twitter.com: @mmasnick@twitter.com @doctorow@twitter.com I like the Terms of Service for InforWars . com

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Last week: found a 5L mini keg of beer someone stashed behind a tree during a party over a year ago. Bad beer, worse for sitting. The beer should be dumped & the keg recycled, but they weren't thoughtful enough to leave the tap for it behind. What to do?

6:00am today: Wiley E. Coyote super genius idea! drill a hole top & bottom and it'll glug out into the sink!

6:01am: a geyser of beer & foam inundates the yurt kitchen.

10:50am: clean up finished.

Moral: caffeinate first, then reconsider.

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*hears the Mastodon boop from unknown source*


Time for another break. Beer and water this time.

Water break on the trail with Mercalli and his BFF Toby (currently being a camera hog).

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This is Lacie. She is the saddest dog in the world. Never in the history of dogs has there been a sadder dog. You see, we live in Atlanta. And in Atlanta, the weather is usually pretty great. But today? Today, itโ€™s raining. And rain means no walk. And walks are the best thing EVER. And not having a walk is the worst thing EVER. So, please keep her in your thoughts. ๐Ÿ’”