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I make stuff. Sometimes I post pictures of it.

I go places. Sometimes I post pictures of those places or the conveyances that take me there. This may include my feet.

I have a dog. Dogs seem to like me. Sometimes I post pictures of dogs.

I drink beer. Sometimes I post pictures of beer.

I like my work. Sometimes my coworkers are a trial and I rant about them.

I like humor. Sometimes I will attempt it. Occasionally that works.

I like the clientele here.

Covid adjacent, asking for mask retailer recommendations 

children: if I cover my eyes, I become invisible!

me: if I don't go to bed, tomorrow will somehow not come.

Telegraph Hill Tuolomne located at 38.0308,-120.351799. Altitude: 1127m

We usually start walking from 7.45 am and cover 10 kilometres to 10 am, no resting, start working immediately to 3pm, if the work is not complete by 3 pm, we will have to move out and resume next day because elephants becomes active from 4.30 pm to 8.00 am in the morning, this is the reason why we don't start walking from 6 am. During these hours of the day they're usually deep in the bamboo forests.

if you have a message of high security, you can always trust an ouroboros to deliver it bc they are end-to-end a cryptid

Trese: Filipino graphic novel North America release 

Food, cooking 

There's a famous story about how pinball was banned in a number of major cities in the US because people believed that it was just gambling dressed up to prey on kids. It ends exactly the way you would want it to end: A man named Robert Sharpe proved that it's a game of skill by dragging a pinball machine into a courtroom, calling a shot, and nailing it. Everything after that was basically a formality; the case was over, there was no reality in which they didn't rule to remove the ban.

There's one problem with this storybook ending. Sharpe later revealed that there were last minute issues with the demonstration. Specifically, the opposing council decided that they thought the machine he had been practicing on might be tampered with, and wouldn't allow it to be used. They demanded that completely separate game be brought in for the demonstration.

While Sharpe was, indeed, a very skilled player, his shot to prove that pinball is a game of skill was ultimately a stroke of luck.

Chief Justice John Roberts is the exemplar of Lawful Evil. The man is a deeply malevolent monster who doesn’t possess even a shred of empathy — but if you try to pogrom your enemies in a way that violates some procedural standard, he’ll rule against you.

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