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I make stuff. Sometimes I post pictures of it.

I go places. Sometimes I post pictures of those places or the conveyances that take me there. This may include my feet.

I have a dog. Dogs seem to like me. Sometimes I post pictures of dogs.

I drink beer. Sometimes I post pictures of beer.

I like my work. Sometimes my coworkers are a trial and I rant about them.

I like humor. Sometimes I will attempt it. Occasionally that works.

I like the clientele here.

May you be as happy as a troop of bears discovering a heap of apples

A random photo from a day trip to the Isle of May, Scotland, last weekend.

Mount Moran is massive and blocklike and dominates the northern end of the Teton Range. Probably the most famous view of it is from Oxbow Bend, but I like this view from a distance, too.

So much perspective....

Amtrak California Zephyr
Denver Union Station
around 9am

The Outer Worlds 

Love the corporate emails in The Outer Worlds, you can really feel how much fun they had writing them

As relief from the grey dusk, the sun came out to play, orangely peeking under the clouds for a few minutes.

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Western Ohio sunrise, seen from Amtrak's westbound Lake Shore Limited.

Sometimes I send emails from myself to myself, for record keeping or reminder purposes.

Stupid POS Outlook365 has now decided that those are spam.

“*ID* –> “The vast frilled lizard packs the deer”
Well... this is pretty silly but that was expected... ;)

Have a nice Week Mastodon !

- #mastoart #art #illustrationDay #ID #illustration -
:: Better res on website ::

So no pictures of broken stones and holes in the mountain, just a tiny frog on a stump.

The End.

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Found this in the back of an old book and I thought some of you might appreciate it:

Oxbows on the Missouri River, about 15 minutes by train south of Omaha, Nebraska, about an hour after sunrise.

Description: trees on the far shore are reflected in still water. In two photos, the morning sun is visible and also reflected in the water.

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