Story time: you have an unbeatable dragon that decimates every Knight it battles. Then another dragon that is just as scary and strong as the unbeatable dragon shows up. Everyone is anticipating this fight between the two dragons... then a Roman Centurion luckily beats the scary dragon BUT scary dragon gets angry and beats up the Roman but the Roman still gets to fight the unbeatable dragon at the culmination of the story and they expect us to be excited...

Post shower, King Desmond likes to lick my wet hair. I may just use this place to post pics of him.

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Whenever I’m in an awkward situation, I catch myself staring at a nonexistent camera like I’m Jim Halpert. Heading to a video game rave in Austin, Texas for my friend, so here’s to Jim Halpert.

Happy Friday! Here's your inspiration for the weekend!

I am a graduate of a transcendental meditation MFA program for at the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa. It was the weirdest two years of my life as the politics behind making a student produced web series became deeply troubled from an angry executive producer (not Lynch) and the end result is...confusing... I was also only one of three POC in our program and being surrounded by really friendly white fragility was an experience as well.

My first post in any new social media is always of my cat: King Desmond Meowchiavelli Trismegistus. He hates that I bother him.


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