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And there we go, the keybase magics have arrived at Octodon

Ahh, the long weekend arrives, but I'm still sitting here thinking "so many projects, so little time..."

I think the one project I'll make sure I get done this weekend is setting up my HC-2 ready to take to an undisclosed off-site location, so I have my own off-site backup, as well as the stuff stored "in the cloud"

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

Crossing my fingers that will soon add the new verification magics...

The playing of a Beatles album over the top of a British Citizenship ceremony seems like a good idea until you hear the lyrics "Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged" 😂

Ever since I learned that the "click" on macbook trackpads (also the magic trackpad 2) is completely fake, it makes me really uneasy every time I click one of them...

A little Sunday for me today, finally sorting out a new digitalocean droplet, as my old one is definitely out of date now (php 5.4 on debian wheezy? yeah, time to upgrade a little).
One of these days I'll set up proper config management and backups so this is an easy task. Today is not that day...

And now, the fun part - sitting at my desk at home for an hour trying to decide which version of armbian to download, stretch or bionic...

Just had my odroid HC-2 delivered (well, HC-2s, I doubled up...).
I clearly need more techie, nerdy friends, so I can do a hosting swap with someone and have one more off-site backup without uploading my datas to google/amazon/etc.

Now to find a source of cheap, large, and good (hah) HDDs, so I can buy more HC-2s and create myself a home storage glusterFS monster/nightmare...

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Thank you, #Microsoft, for sharing how many #Google services are looming in the #Chrome/#Chromium browser. I hope all projects that use Chromium take note and also start removing these. (slide was presented at BlinkOn conference)

I am enjoying exploring various options for various services I use for free, although having just tested the import against my pocket account, I think I should probably chuck some money over as a subscription to offset all that downloading ;-)

Also, I'm in danger of setting myself far too many projects (or should I say even more too many projects), so having it hosted for a year seems a good plan, then I can import it to my own instance when I'm good and ready

This afternoon's discovery: A whole bunch of the old Back to Mine albums on spotify as playlists. This makes my ears very happy.

Does anyone have any recommendations for services in the UK (or who will ship cheaply to the UK?).
I've just discovered that my new employer has booked me into economy to fly to New York for my first week, and at 6 feet 4 tall, I need to acquire myself a set of these

After on Sunday, I actually installed some S.M.A.R.T. monitoring on my servers at home. Today as I was leaving the office at 6pm I get a warning of imminent failure of one HDD.

I know I'm supposed to hate Amazon and all they stand for, but one quick Prime Now order later, and I'll be swapping out that drive sometime between 8 and 10pm.

Me, going over the top with my home network, creating different VLANs for various things.
My sonos system: "LOLNO"

half an hour past midnight and I'm still up, playing with computers...

In my defence, I am sorting out a backup of my photos from my nextcloud server to "the cloud" for (ok, ok, I ran over a little, but what IT project is ever truly on time... ;-) )

The main reason that I do nonsense like this home automation is so that I can amuse myself by setting up my smart home/lightbulb/wifi mains sockets/etc on a nnn.nnn.107.nnn/24, because 107 looks like IoT, if you squint really hard, and turn away from the screen ;-)

Trying to do a little late night tinkering for openhab, so I want to set static IP addresses for my lightbulbs (yes, I really did type that. Anyway...).
Three of them (LiFX mini C) spit their name back at my DHCP server, so I can easily see which is my living room etc. The other three (two color 1000s, one A19) just show up as "LIFX", which helps precisely nobody...
I'm just going to give them IP addresses and then rename them in openhab after the fact.

I know I'm supposed to hate on Microsoft, but they do sometimes do magic when it comes to peripherals.
Just had a foldable bluetooth keyboard ( ) delivered, and yeah, its actually really nice. Two buttons to switch between different devices, fairly small, amazingly thin, and essentially a smaller type cover with a gap down the middle and slightly smaller keys.
I haven't done any prolonged typing on it yet, but I don't predict any problems.

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