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This is... well, horrifying. One can only assume that China are big fans of both the Nosedive and Fifteen Million Merits episodes of Black Mirror...

One thing I wish mastodon instances had was an easy way to preview public and federated timelines, for better discovery of other accounts/make a decision if I should jump ship to a more topic/interest specific instance.

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Hmmm, I just realised that it's DevOpsDaysLondon this week, and my new (to me) laptop only has one sticker on it (a CYBER sticker). Now I'm not sure if I should leave it at that, or pull my finger out and properly stickerbomb it...

Having spent a good chunk of my Sunday playing Mario Odyssey, I'm now listening to the Cyperpunk 2077 playlist on spotify, whilst paying for an ebay purchase of an amstrad ppc640, and I'm about to open up the RC2014 I picked up at EMFCamp.
I think somewhere about here is where I realise that I'm actually a parody of myself...

It's safe to say I lost the Saturday Delivery lottery today. Still waiting (it isn't late until after 6pm, but still, I was invited to a housewarming which started at 4...)

Whoops, a little lunchtime online retail accident happened...
Now I need to install some sort of shelf for this, my PiDP-8, and the RC2014 I picked up at EMFCamp...

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I wonder if the current crop of Internet of Things devices will have such an effect on people that someone will spend the time and create an emulator for them.

Something like MAME or MESS for IoT devices.

And then you can download the ROMS for a 10 year old refrigerator and see what those devices were supposed to do. You can play with the defrost cycle without having to actually defrost anything.

I wonder if such a thing will exist. Part of me hopes it does.

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I'm sure this would look good on my living room wall. I'm also sure that I don't have the cash for it right now...

More post unpacking today. Took me an hour and a half to put one ethernet cable away...
In my defence, part of that was dremelling out holes in the new reel. Also, you can get a lot of tangles in a 75m outdoor ethernet cable. I'm ready for though...

Urgh. In the process of trying to move away from chrome, I thought I'd try the Brave browser. After using it on mobile for a couple of days, I just installed it on my windows machine, and immediately discovered that I need to uninstall it, after finding out who the CEO is. I'm not running a homophobic shithead's browser...

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Femdom: wanting to be dominated by a female

Wisdom: wanting to be dominated by a wizard

Felt ok earlier in the week, but the post drop has hit hard today. Possibly because I've only just started properly unpacking...

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You know you're a proper event when you have to pay the AA for traffic signs, I guess.

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Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen / Robin Hood, Robin Hood, and his Not All Men. / They need to explain / Again and again / Not all men / Not all men / Not all men.

I just checked my Strava activity graph for the last year.
The last three months look much better than the previous nine...

(and apart from the money I've saved on the commute, that is a load of days when I've reduced my stress levels by not taking the tube)

Speaking of projects though, I need to find a mi-fi device with an on-board ethernet port, so hook up a non-wifi-enabled device.
Do such things even exist, or am I going to end up with one of those TP-Link nano router things and a 3G/LTE dongle?

I wonder if @Documentally knows of such a device?

As I utterly failed at my goal for April (having an QSO) I am going to make that my May goal instead ;-)

Time to start checking for useful satellite passes. Which, of course, means that my attention turns to one of my project ideas of a satellite tracker/info display. Which is attention I should be putting into actually operating my radios and not procrastinating over new projects.

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Most people assume that time zones span 24 hours (-12 to +12). But it's actually more!

There exist UTC+13 and UTC+14 time zones for several island groups in the Pacific, including Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga. During daylight savings, New Zealand is +13, meaning that for one hour a day in the summer, New Zealand is 2 days ahead of Baker Island (UTC-12), even though they are only about two degrees of longitude apart

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