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Wait, what? Amazon doing their own version of to make it easier to hook your up to their services?

Not that I'm jumping in with both feet now that I've gotten my install up and running, but today may or may not have seen the arrival of a couple of tp-link HS110 power monitoring smart sockets so I can add my washing machine and dishwasher to my

Ahh, a productive week with (well, it's all relative), and I can now call myself one of those people who arrives home when it's dark and has his lights turn on automagically.

Instead of working on and improving the presence detection/edge cases for that, I'm going to jump straight into my second automation, of having my lights pulse various colours in the morning, if any of the London Underground lines that I use to get to work are status != 'Good Service'.
Keeping it simple 😂

A quick lunchbreak hack on my home assistant set up at, erm, home, and (finally) managed to do what had been stumping me late at night for the last few days.
I now have cross-vlan jiggery-pokery working, so my main install can now control my lights/smart sockets/etc which are on my locked down IoT vlan.

Let the fun and games begin

Hah, I won (eventually). Although I did discover a problem with my docker-compose files...

After doing this sort of thing for money all week, you'd think I could find a different way to relax and enjoy my time, but no, it seems I've ended up in the right industry...

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Was quite keen to get moving on my home assistant set up, but I'm _still_ moving things to my new NAS.
I have a feeling I am going to be spending most of the weekend fighting with the combination of synology/docker/snmp/telegraf...

Silly idea 

@kelbot Mate of mine has been plugging away at something like this (The "doesn't toot very often at all" @grimmware )

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you ever just look at a map of passenger rail service in the US and think "jesus christ this country is garbage"

Only just realised how much certain bits of the lyrics during A-HA's The Living Daylights (particularly the opening thirty seconds) sound just like Joe Cornish doing his David Bowie impression...

@tj 'I'll take "how is arduino formed?" for $500 please, Alex.'

I'm not saying that I'm paranoid or anything, but I am definitely waiting until the "your item has been delivered" notification from Amazon before cancelling the 99p 7-day prime trial...

@kelbot I suspect the code might be no use to me in the UK, but I'm definitely interested in more details about the display

Nope, decision made, Synology DS1019+ it is.

Starting off with only 3 HDDs to make the cost slightly more bearable, but still ending up with way more storage than I currently have.

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Bah, I'm still vacillating between replacing my two HP microservers with either a self-build in the shiny new shuttle sh370R8 barebones, or a synology ds1019+

I have a feeling that it might be time to start a comparison spreadsheet...

It's a story as old as time...

Somebody who doesn't understand a technology copies and pastes from the internet to get a "test" thing up and running.
Time passes, the test thing gets used a lot, but it's status as a poorly copy-pasta'd thing from the web is forgotten, and it's assumed to be set up properly, like everything else.
Then an upgrade is run, and that thing blows up.

And that's the story of how I lost all my home grafana dashboards...

@mikechislett Not yet. It's too big to be a doorbell, but I'm tempted to make it a party button for my flat, if I can work out how to do party mode on my lifx bulbs.

Based on themost recent email from the London Transport Museum, I'm glad I picked up my jubilee line door button when they were £10, they're £35 now...

Calendar blocked out for find the dates over on birdsite here but keep it quiet, we don't want it getting too popular to buy tickets 😉

@TheGibson Are they doing that "shut down some of the cylinders" trick to save fuels maybe?

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