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PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware Show more

Reached the part of setting up my IoT VLAN where I need to dig out the windows laptop to run the tp-link setup tool.
Which is probably a sign that I need to get better switches at home ;-)

I finally thought of a project for my jubilee line door button, and obviously a toot is the best way to document that ;-)
Now I need to find a source of London underground service status announcement audio files so I can make a push button status checker for my local lines...

I started mapping out my home network in a notepad (not an easy task with a broken right arm...), in preparation for properly segmenting off things like iot devices, and I'm going to need a bigger boat. Erm, I mean notepad...
Two pages of A5 filled so far, and that's only half my raspberry pis/other SBCs, and no VMs/Docker containers.

I may have gone a little overboard with my home network. I haven't even built myself a smart IoT doorbell yet! 😂

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The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

I was going to toot about how I'm a fool for not making more notes, after I had a great idea for what could become a dystopian story (because the world needs more of those ;-) /s ) but had entirely forgotten it due to not taking notes.

The process of typing that toot brought the idea back into my head, so lucky escape there.

Moral of the story: No need to take notes, just type a toot about forgetting a thing ;-)

I guess I have my answer to the question of does the phonetrack-android app for nextcloud treat the minimum distance and time as AND or OR...
That feels like it needs to be smarter, although starting to contemplate how that would be coded makes my head hurt...

ok, step one was easy. then select only location history, and change file format to kml format.
Once that's done, I'll see how well my nextcloud install copes with a 170MB kml file...

Finally got around to setting up phonetrack on my new nextcloud install. I like it.
Now, I wonder if I can export all of my google location history and import it to my device...

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wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

Didn't check the backup of my OwnCloud directory before nuking my server.
_Of course_ the backup was poked, and less than half of it is good.
On the other hand, there's also google photos and amazon prime photos, so I'm not overly sad that I didn't check my rsync.
I should probably check those other two backups though...

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In so much (cyberpunk?) media from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the hero is a journalist.

Journalism, was seen as the ultimate tool against despots.

(Think Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future, or Transmetropolitan, Makers (and many of the rest of Doctorow's books) or even Futureworld.)

And VCs + Facebook have effectively crippled modern journalism. Destroyed most local journalism. Rendered the pursuit of truth an optional side project for the left, and incompatible with the right.

It appears that an N36L hp microserver might not be enough server for running Plex media server, which has sent me down a "new server" rabbit hole.
It appears that what I would like (micro itx, AM4 socket for a Ryzen CPU, and an esata port for using my existing external box o'hdds) is not what anyone else would like, based on available motherboards...

@Edent Not directly from the wishlist, no. There's a 'buy for others' button, but when followed has an email input box, which sends something for the recipient to redeem.

I absolutely had intended to be good, and play through my current nintendo switch games before buying any more, but then I discovered Aaero, and then...

I rebuilt my home server this week and switched from Kodi to Plex for my home media needs.
Creating optimised versions of files might not be an ideal task for my N36L microserver...

In the process of rebuilding my home server (well, one of them, shh, I know...) I decided to have a look at plex media server.

I guess a plex pass is now going to be my christmas gift to myself ;-)

@kelbot My current one was £80, so I don't feel too emotionally attached to it, which makes it easy to take to things like EMFCamp. It's such a low spec it doesn't have a webcam too, which is nice :-)

(disclaimer: I'm ignoring the SSD/RAM/extended battery which I moved over from my previous X220 in the mental accounting ;-) )

@kelbot work and personal macbook pros are in the incase plastic clamshell things. Personal X220i (super cheap ebay refurb model) just goes in the laptop compartment of my bags as it is.

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