@kelbot My current one was £80, so I don't feel too emotionally attached to it, which makes it easy to take to things like EMFCamp. It's such a low spec it doesn't have a webcam too, which is nice :-)

(disclaimer: I'm ignoring the SSD/RAM/extended battery which I moved over from my previous X220 in the mental accounting ;-) )

@kelbot work and personal macbook pros are in the incase plastic clamshell things. Personal X220i (super cheap ebay refurb model) just goes in the laptop compartment of my bags as it is.

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More testing of neural networks is happening! Now with added asymmetrical objects! :P

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btw the only reason tumblr is removing porn is because apple blocked their app for nsfw content. if you were still on the fence about whether or not walled gardens have a negative effect on free speech

Fair enough. I moved to Joplin from Evernote, where it's pretty much a file dump for certain types of file, so I'm probably misusing it the eyes of some folks ;-)

@grimmware Oooh, joplin at the shell, I had somehow missed that.
Because I'm eternally lazy, and before I head down a deep dark google-hole, have you done much with attachments, particularly in bulk (eg here's a directory with N files, create N notes, each with a file attached)?

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Oh my, PocketCHIP friends look at this DIY PChip replacement. They are using a Pi 3B+ and the pimoroni Hyperpixel display plus a diy keyboard and 3D printed case.

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This morning's cycle to work has pushed me over the edge, it's time to get cameras set up on my bike again.
Too many idiots on the road, so it's "self-righteous prick" time ;-)

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Livestream of the CGPM open session to consider the revision of the SI and the redefinition of the kilogram is now starting:


Things my credit card balance didn't need today: A new raspberry pi...
Performance and wifi of the 3B+ in the form factor of an A?
Must have...

Further adventures in overcomplicating my home network: Moving the wifi to a separate vlan/subnet cut me off from my Sonos.
I have a choice of figuring out what to relay between subnets, or just chucking the sonos switchport into the wifi vlan.
I'll give you one guess which option I took, although I suspect you don't need me to confirm ;-)

I've been doing so well at avoiding throwing my money at humble bundle, but now they have released a bundle, and my reaction is basically "insta-click".
SteamLibrary++ I guess...

Ticking over my home network stuff whilst I work, and have come to the conclusion that for my "don't trust these wifi lightbulbs" network, the VLAN ID should definitely be 107, because that's the incredibly obvious option for an IOT network.

Applied the next step of my "stupidly over-complicated home network" and moved my wifi to it's own VLAN. I'm still online*. It's almost like I know what I'm doing, or something ;-)

*technically "back online after remembering to remove strange default routes, and also add _some_ firewall rules to the new interface in pfsense", but that's close enough...

Insomnia has been kicking my butt this week, to the point where I'm trying no caffeine today in the hope of sleep later.
Tiredness and lack of stimulant means I've just fat-fingered my way into an interview question, and have created a file in my home directory called ~?
I'll leave that until Monday before attempting to delete it ;-)

Are there are cross-platform* screenshot tools which will prompt for a filename, then upload to your own destination?

Taking screenshots, renaming them, and manually uploading them to my web server is becoming a chore.

*(at a minimum, I'm hoping for macos and windows, bonus platforms are android, linux, ios in that order or preference)

@Famicoman Wow, that's fantastic, thank you :-)
Extra special thanks for the PDF of the screen decals.

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