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me: okay i think i've finally worked out all the different standards and varieties of USB

My task this weekend is definitely going to involve sorting out my docker install/setup.
I started playing with a couple of things, went a bit OTT, and am now at the point where I definitely need to dig into compose files, instead of keeping a text file with a bunch of `docker create` commands in it...

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"Should Disney World Have the Right to Build a Nuclear Power Plant?"

I don't ever want to click that, or read the article. I'm just going to lean back and enjoy how we live in a world where that headline's existence is a normal thing.

@kemonine @kelbot y'all are costing me money here... 😉

I was intending to just make a mental note of that controller for future projects, but then I clicked around and found this for lead acid batteries and now I'm redesigning one of my ham radio projects 😂

@Carnet I suspect that I did the sync through nextcloud app, rather than entering credentials, although I couldn't say 100%.

@Carnet It all seems good to me, if there are reports of any specific sync problems (eg images/deleted notes/updates etc) I'm happy to do more testing.

(f-droid says I have 0.1-20190504.1921 installed. Android 9 (5th May security patch level), Nextcloud 16.0.0)

Me, earlier: I'm well jet-lagged, I'll just do this quick thing on the laptop whilst I have my dinner.
Me, one macbook pro battery later: It's half eleven you plank, why have you been fighting with docker swarms all evening...

If anyone has any hints (apart from "Don't" for running in a swarm which includes a mac... (swarm manager/portainer server on ubuntu 18.04, portainer manager on 18.10 works fine, agent on MacOS 10.14.4 can't connect to manager)

Just discovered that the convenience store next to my new employer's office stocks both cherry, and cherry vanilla Dr Pepper 😀
It's £1.49 a can 😭
RIP my teeth, waistline, and bank balance...

@kemonine It usually takes years of work to have an overnight success ;-)

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Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers Show more

Before spending my week off between employers doing "not much apart from a few longer* walks" I should have checked my May weekends. They're all either travelling or partying, so my newly acquired interest in installing homeassistant and mycroft might have to wait...

*only a few miles, but for someone who has done basically no exercise since the Jan 22nd...

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#mastoAdmin has blocked the instance, because they removed all abilities for us to report abuse to them. They also removed the ability for their users to report abuse from our users, which is also pretty troublesome.

While we normally do not announce instance blocks, this is a fairly serious action on their part and needs to be pointed out publicly.

The safety of our users in the Fediverse is very important to us.

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I love the idea of the hackerfarm - I've had a longtime distant dream of a vaguely off-grid/sustainable place in the country, but to combnie that with decent internet and what is basically a hackspace... Oh my...

@beehive Ooh, full logs will be good :-)
At the moment I'm just getting "bad authorization: 401 Unauthorized: invalid_grant" in the terminal, but process of elimination points at the + sign in my email address (if I remove that and change my email address on octodon, it logs in just fine) - cheers for the speedy reply :-)

@beehive Are there any debug options I can turn on?
Specifically to get to the bottom of an auth problem with the mastodon bee, where I think my email address having a plus sign in the username is causing it to fail authentication

Yesterday was the last day in what is now my old job, and I'm now a man of leisure until my new job starts on the 6th May.

So far, I've managed to take too much time away from chores by arranging all the socialising, and now I want to also learn enough go to make an MQTT Bee for @beehive

Maybe that can be my backup evening filler for week 1 of new job, when I'll be a in a hotel, in case I don't fancy getting out and about in New York ;-)

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Answering my own question, the "not yet compatible" apps are disabled, with an option to YOLO it, warning that they may not work as expected.

The more I use, the more impressed I am.

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