Briefly removing the redirect on here so I can grab a few things from my profile, but the tl;dr is that for anything new and "interesting" from me, you're going to want to follow @MatStace from now on ;-)

Had a little play this evening to get my up to date, and connecting to the internet via my phone over bluetooth tethering.

I was about to have a quick look for a case/USB battery to take it on a quick commute tomorrow, but I should be a "responsible" sysadmin, and make sure that I add my employer's WIFI SSIDs to the whitelist and the reporting exclusions list...

Tonight in questionable decisions: buying tools and having them delivered to my employer's address...

If someone wanted to move from a larger general purpose mastodon instance to a smaller one where registrations are currently closed, how often should I, erm, I mean they, check the homepage of to see if it ever opens up, or should they start trying to befriend someone there then gently beg for an invite? 😉

Every now and then I top up my geek credentials by tuning to maritime VHF channel 14 and having a bit of a listen to the radio traffic on the Thames.
It's a busy old river, innit.

What fortuitous timing.
Just received an email letting me know that the new issue of The MagPi is now out, which means I can take last night's quick dockering*, run a single command, and have it downloaded onto my NAS, waiting for me


Damn, the display is slightly too tall, otherwise I think I could make the whole thing fit with a small lipo cell.

Actually, maybe not. And nobody else should make one either, to avoid spoiling this...

Just realised that I have a waveshare e-ink pi hat in my box of bits at home, so I guess I'll be knocking together a when I get home tonight :-)

More solderings, today I finally got around to putting together my kit together, and made a timelapse with the computer set not to go to sleep this time.

Here's almost five hours of soldering compressed down to just over four minutes

Decided to try making a timelapse of some solderings. Not terrible, not going to win any oscars. I did learn a couple things though, so that counts as worthwhile.


Now that are going to start injecting tracking (sorry, "telemetry" as they call it) javascript, I guess I really should start looking into a replacement.

Managed to get myself locked out of the bird-based hellsite for slagging off types, so I can't currently access my main account on there.
TBH, nothing of value was lost ;-)

Well if this isn't one of the sexiest DIY audio players I've ever seen...

I'm not sure, but I think @privacyint might be having recurring dreams about 5G...

Just to get this straight facebook, if there's a group/page that I want to hide for my mental health, I have to mute/unfriend every single one of my friends who shares/comments/reacts to that page's posts? Wow.

@marco Do USB 3 B and micro count as different types too? They're still compatible with earlier B and micro, but they aren't backwards compatible

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