Damn, the display is slightly too tall, otherwise I think I could make the whole thing fit with a small lipo cell.

Actually, maybe not. And nobody else should make one either, to avoid spoiling this...

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Just to get this straight facebook, if there's a group/page that I want to hide for my mental health, I have to mute/unfriend every single one of my friends who shares/comments/reacts to that page's posts? Wow.

Not that I'm clock-watching or anything, but is it the end of working hours yet?

Ah, when silly hostnames come back to entertain you. Years ago, I bought an HP microserver, so called it brownsauce. Then I bought a second, so obviously called it tabasco, because sauces.

I recently bought one of those £14 pm2.5 particle sensors from China, it turned up this week, and I hooked it up to adafruit io.

Now I apparently have a graph of 'tabasco particles' 😂

I guess I have my answer to the question of does the phonetrack-android app for nextcloud treat the minimum distance and time as AND or OR...
That feels like it needs to be smarter, although starting to contemplate how that would be coded makes my head hurt...

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1: acquire pager ✔️
2: buy yellow spray paint
3: ???
4: Hack the planet!

Oh come on homebrew, where's your sense of adventure...

RT @DanielVelezArt@twitter.com: Max Headroom interviewing Rutger Hauer about Blade Runner may be the most cyberpunk thing ever.

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RT @DavidSchwimmer@twitter.com: Officers, I swear it wasn't me.
As you can see, I was in New York.
To the hardworking Blackpool Police, good luck with the investigation.

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Wow, apparently my @AmazonUK@twitter.com delivery driver didn't want to leave my package unattended. I'm in an office with over 70 people in it. I call bullshit on the delivery being attempted.

RT @Foone@twitter.com: Check out what I got today. You can tell it's something weird as fuck just from the box...

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I did this a few years ago, and can recommend.
RT @ianvisits@twitter.com Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes tours of Tower Bridge

This winter, the behind the scenes tours of Tower Bridge return, offering access into the engineering spaces, and the huge bascule chambers under the main bridge.


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Is there a version of this windows 10 update which *doesn't* send stuff back to Microsoft?

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