@beehive Are there any debug options I can turn on?
Specifically to get to the bottom of an auth problem with the mastodon bee, where I think my email address having a plus sign in the username is causing it to fail authentication


The terminal output is pretty verbose as it is right now. You should see it printing out any auth errors that occur.

The next release will contain a new admin interface that also exposes the full logs for each bee.

@beehive Ooh, full logs will be good :-)
At the moment I'm just getting "bad authorization: 401 Unauthorized: invalid_grant" in the terminal, but process of elimination points at the + sign in my email address (if I remove that and change my email address on octodon, it logs in just fine) - cheers for the speedy reply :-)


Good to know! We'll probably also set up a proper app and switch to using authtokens for the Mastodon API. That should make linking your account rather straight forward.

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