With Netflix's Marvel shows being cancelled (presumably moved to Disney's new streaming service), and now the announcement of from the BBC and ITV, which I assume will also have some sort of show exclusivity around it, I can only foresee an increase in piracy, not a decrease.

When will companies learn to reduce friction? If I have to pay for one streaming service, fine. If I have to pay for three or four? Then I'll be looking at torrents and usenet again...

And that is coming from someone who once working in the movies, an industry directly affected by aforementioned piracy.

@MatStace BBC and ITV already have at least 3 linear channels each (and AFAIK Auntie has bought out what remains of UKTV/Flextech or whatever they are called now); which are filled up with the same repeats of back catalogue material and (newer) lowest common denominator stuff (reality TV etc)

why don't they concentrate on using the capacity of linear channels with less repeats first and streaming second? I doubt there will be that many exclusive *UK* commissions either..

They did reduce friction. All you have to do is subscribe to their service, which most of them make really easy. I can't understand the complaint about multiple services.
@0x1C3B00DA @MatStace because once you sign up for 3 or 4 services your monthly streaming bill starts to resemble cable again

Then don't subscribe to that many. There's no contracts anymore, so rotate them out. Yes, that's not as streamlined as everything being in one pile, but a single package was never a good deal. You pay for way more than you need.

I've never had cable but weren't bills around $150? That's a number I hear thrown around when talking about it.
@0x1C3B00DA @MatStace

rotating them out is not feasible when licensing is used to restrict programming to specific services.
That's only if you have to watch it live or around the air date. You can swap services and watch everything you missed on the new one.

@0x1C3B00DA You _can_ sign up, then remember to cancel a month before you finish watching what you want to, then repeat for the other services, but that's adding to the friction.
If someone can spend the effort once to set up an automatic downloader like sickbeard and plex, instead of switching accounts every couple of months, that's the route they'll take.

@MatStace As I said before, I think this also makes it *easier* for pure talent and creativity to compete with these DRM laden services. Which'll be nice.

@MatStace It's interesting to read this here where praise for decentralization is a frequent topic

@bnmng I guess it depends which way you consider things. Netflix (for example) having a streaming monopoly is a bad thing IMHO, but the BBC silo-ing their content in their own player is also bad.

I sort of see the BBC making their content available over their own platform/netflix/amazon prime/etc as a form of decentralisation-lite. It's a tricky one with commercial content.

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