Briefly removing the redirect on here so I can grab a few things from my profile, but the tl;dr is that for anything new and "interesting" from me, you're going to want to follow from now on ;-)

Had a little play this evening to get my up to date, and connecting to the internet via my phone over bluetooth tethering.

I was about to have a quick look for a case/USB battery to take it on a quick commute tomorrow, but I should be a "responsible" sysadmin, and make sure that I add my employer's WIFI SSIDs to the whitelist and the reporting exclusions list...

Tonight in questionable decisions: buying tools and having them delivered to my employer's address...

If someone wanted to move from a larger general purpose mastodon instance to a smaller one where registrations are currently closed, how often should I, erm, I mean they, check the homepage of to see if it ever opens up, or should they start trying to befriend someone there then gently beg for an invite? 😉

Every now and then I top up my geek credentials by tuning to maritime VHF channel 14 and having a bit of a listen to the radio traffic on the Thames.
It's a busy old river, innit.

What fortuitous timing.
Just received an email letting me know that the new issue of The MagPi is now out, which means I can take last night's quick dockering*, run a single command, and have it downloaded onto my NAS, waiting for me


Damn, the display is slightly too tall, otherwise I think I could make the whole thing fit with a small lipo cell.

Actually, maybe not. And nobody else should make one either, to avoid spoiling this...

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Just realised that I have a waveshare e-ink pi hat in my box of bits at home, so I guess I'll be knocking together a when I get home tonight :-)

More solderings, today I finally got around to putting together my kit together, and made a timelapse with the computer set not to go to sleep this time.

Here's almost five hours of soldering compressed down to just over four minutes

Decided to try making a timelapse of some solderings. Not terrible, not going to win any oscars. I did learn a couple things though, so that counts as worthwhile.

Now that are going to start injecting tracking (sorry, "telemetry" as they call it) javascript, I guess I really should start looking into a replacement.

Managed to get myself locked out of the bird-based hellsite for slagging off types, so I can't currently access my main account on there.
TBH, nothing of value was lost ;-)

Well if this isn't one of the sexiest DIY audio players I've ever seen...

I'm not sure, but I think @privacyint might be having recurring dreams about 5G...

Just to get this straight facebook, if there's a group/page that I want to hide for my mental health, I have to mute/unfriend every single one of my friends who shares/comments/reacts to that page's posts? Wow.

Wait, what? Amazon doing their own version of to make it easier to hook your up to their services?

Not that I'm jumping in with both feet now that I've gotten my install up and running, but today may or may not have seen the arrival of a couple of tp-link HS110 power monitoring smart sockets so I can add my washing machine and dishwasher to my

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