Does anyone in my circles know anyone working for the IT of Lego?

I just received Malware to an Email address I only ever used to login to the Lego shop. The sender of the malware tried to fake a sender (not really well).

I never used the email address for anything else, so this lets me believe the colleagues at Lego may have had a data leak.

@Martin Seeger Have you tried contacting them through their contact form?

Sadly it does not seem like they have a dedicated contact for security issues, which means you most likely have to go a few rounds before getting to anybody who can actually help.

@harald Yes, I contacted them at

My hopes for an answer are "limited". I am probably responsible for someone at the service desk scratching his head for days ;-).

@Martin Seeger Yeah, it is often a problem to get through the first line of support. I really wish companies made it easier to report potential security breaches or privacy violations.

You could of course try to report it to your data protection agency. They may have some more weight and better ways to contact the company.
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