What could possibly go wrong?

British soldiers have to follow orders via WhatsApp. Now Zuckerberg is in command of an army.

@Masek holy cow – sometimes I wonder whether the militaries of this world don’t think that we need our own security messaging…

@kensanata @Masek

Secure radio terminals exist - but they still look like something from the 1990s and there are not enough to go round for all the soldiers.

As well as security, there are issues with delays in message delivery on commercial systems that do not drectly send a radio signal to the terminal equipment from a transmitter (hence why the Fire Brigade often still use pagers)


Thanks for the information. This may help people.

Luckily every web site is privacy-respecting for me. Sadly, I'm lacking trust in the privacy respect of every web site, so I have to do it myself.

I mean, it's not the worst choice they could have made.... I suppose we should be thankful they didn't choose Telegram.
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