Apple abusing the AppStore again

A few days ago, Google behaved like an asshole when dealing with the Terraria developers. Apple decided, that they cannot rest until they have done at least something similarly vicious. So they threw the Shadow App from the AppStore again. The developer is meek and humble as they have to behave extra nice so they might be let on the playground again.

Es gibt ja das Topos von dem Leibwächter, der sich für den Kunden in eine Kugel wirft.

Als IT-Dienstleister ist das tägliches Brot, nur das der Kunde nicht nur Opfer sondern oft auch gleichzeitig der Schütze ist.

Frachter zerbricht in schwerer See

Vier Tote, ein Vermisster: der Preis der Seefahrt.

Anmerkung: Bei dem Mayday-Ruf stellen sich bei mir die Nackenhaare auf. Bei dem Schiff (46 Jahre alt) war wohl einiges nicht in Ordnung.

The union of short sellers requests the right to gang up on any potential victim but to be protected against being ganged up upon.

»We stand between the darkness and the light …«
RIP Mira Furlan
7. September 1955 – 20. Januar 2021

Wir wissen nicht, wie das Messer in das Herz des Toten kam, der Räuber blieb unverletzt

Liebe Reporter: an der Stelle ist Tempo 50, es ist relativ offensichtlich wie ein Auto dort zwei Betonpoller, einen Baum und dann noch drei Fußgänger plattmacht. Aber vermutlich fährt der schreibende Journalist auch gerne etwas schneller …

Mein Mitgefühl ist mit den Opfern, die auf dem Fußweg standen.

Little Bobby Tables would like to get vaccinated! 🤣

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Was war denn heute mit unserer Netzfrequenz los? Hattet Ihr das auch?

Santa Cloud - the saint-patron of data thieves

GPUs today

"Hello, I would like to buy a RX 6800"

"Sorry, you're at Nvidia here. We don't have GTX 3080s. Across the the street at AMDs they don't have the RX 6800."

My first Console

I started my gamer career on this console around 1979.

As I was blocking our family TV all the time, I also received soon afterwards a small black&white TV set that later served as monitor for my C64. The console was a mail order from Quelle (a German mail order company). It was very, very simple and just offered a few versions of Pong.

TIL: In Iran there is a factory that produces US and Israel flags … for protesters to burn. And they have a QA manager in that factory:

And QA is important, otherwise you would have unsatisfied customers like these ones:

So in total the game left me torn and hurting a bit. It has so much promise and offers a lot but ruins it with the next quest. Sometime "less is more" and this game is a living proof for that bonmot.

Overall I can still recommend the game. The value (playing time per buck) is very high. Unluckily it is partially achieved by diluting the wine with water.

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Completed the main quest of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey today. The game has impressive strengths like the main character (Kassandra in my case), the antique Greek setup and the beautiful open world.

Bu there is a dark side as well. You notice the hooks the developers designed to add (if desired) monetization schemes into the game. The (luckily) refrained from doing so, but already the hooks disturb the pacing of the game and add a certain level of grind that has no place in a single player game.

The first trailer for "The Watch" (the new BBC series to the books of Terry Pratchett):

Das müsste man mal etwas aufbereiten:

Diverse Werbeverkäufer beschweren sich, dass Apple Ihnen etwas wegnehmen würde. In Wirklichkeit haben die seit Jahren Daten von den Kunden geklaut. Nun stopft Apple die Lücke und die Diebe formulieren den Anspruch, dass sie weiter stehlen können sollen.

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