RasPi PoE hat

The PoE hat makes the RasPi usage more practical for me. I no longer need a separate power supply. The only downside ís that it adds significantly to the price of the RasPi.


Einzige Anmerkungen zur Bayern-Wahl von mir:

a) Eigentlich hat die CSU keine Stimmen verloren, nur ist der rechte Flügel jetzt eine eigene Partei.

b) Wir sehen eine Entwicklung, die in den USA Trump an die Macht gebracht hat: Statt des alten "Rechts vs. Links" haben jetzt eher ein "Urban vs. Rural".

c) Wenn die SPD die GroKo durchzieht, dann riskiert sie bald die 5%-Hürde zu reißen.

I complained to my wife about the ridiculous registration process of my insurance.

She: "That is just a tricky Captcha to determine whether you a fully bureaucratically trained German. Every east European criminal would have thrown the towel."

After talking a bit yesterday, I realized that a lot of my own ideas about social media were in dire need of explanation.

So, if you've been looking at my Social Media Feature Comparison spreadsheet and could not grok it, here is a list of definitions and explanations, followed with a summary of what I want from the internet. A first survey tells me that this does not exist though...


How do I get a stream that shows all activity of my contacts (local as well as remote)?

Google+ has never been so alive as on the day after it was murdered....

How many times did we have to read posts like this one from last year:

°Losing My Patience with Google+°

Everyone read it, except the guys from Google (or they just didn't care).

I'm angry but also somehow relieved at the same time that + doesn't have to end like MySpace:

°Meet the people who still use Myspace: 'It's given me so much joy'°

Lesson from Yesterday: Do not let an advertisement agency run critical systems for you.

This applies even if the ad agency has some of the best technicians in the world.

Why I feel betrayed...

Background: I am a paying customer of Google. Google+ is part of the services I am paying for (GSuite). The contract has rather long (multiple years) sunset periods.

But now they are going to gut Google+, stuff it out and throw the hollowed shell in front of me and say "Here is the service you are paying for."

While this may be legally OK and they may get through with this in court. But this is dishonest behavior to me anyway. And that is something I do not forgive.


I am always deeply irritated when someone takes an order (Pizza, Taxi cab, etc.) through the telephone without repeating back what he/she understood.

Usually the other sides than acts irritated too when I ask them to repeat it back. The reaction is as if I implied that they're an idiot.

Unluckily when talking over the phone, the error rate is quite high. From my experiences it is about one in five when there has been no additional check and the order contained more than 2 items.

Facebook uses 2FA phone number for targeted ads...

From my PoV, this is a deadly sin. When you use the push for additional security to get additional ad targeting from your customer. They eradicated everything good they may have ever done for IT security with a vengeance.

IT security relies on trust. Facebook massively damages the trust into 2FA.

Shame on you, Facebook!


If you ever think that knitting is boring...

Our golden age ended on September 11th, 2001. The day we decided to make fear our ultimate ruler, when we succumbed to the false promises of safety in exchange for liberty, when we chose to rate our believes higher than our knowledge, when we started to reject the stranger instead of welcoming him and when we turned our eyes from the future towards the past.

I wonder if Stormtroopers will be allowed to hit something in this movie...


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