Migrating my Blog

I have deployed a beta version of my blog to masek0815.github.io/

My plan is to migrate away from Blogger today. Can you take a look and point me to mistakes I still have made?


Hat jemand aus dem Greoßraum Kiel Interesse an einem Dörrautomaten? Kostenfrei für einen Selbstabholer...

Regime Type and Effectiveness of Covid-19 response do not correlate
A very good article analyzing various responses to the Covid-19 outbreaks and their success. It turns out that neither an authoritarian or a democratic government responds better per se.

Instead the conclusion of the article for me is: the more the management of risks is pushed toward the individual, the worse the outcome. That means that Covid-19 is nearly a perfect storm for the U.S. healthcare system


Why is a (supposedly coming) "world government" seen by all those conspiracy theorists as something scary?

I would see it as a huge improvement (if done at least in halfway decent manner).

Ich bin die App Doktor Eisenbart,
widewidewitt, bum, bum,
kurier die Leut’ auf meine Art,
widewidewitt, bum, bum.
Ich erkenne Corona auf Hundert Schritt,
widewidewitt, juchheirassa,
und heile die Krankheit mit einem Klick,
widewidewitt, bum, bum.


Die Tageszeitung wird während Corona von Tag zu Tag dünner. Heute war sie so dünn, da könnte man eine Zeitung durch lesen....

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