"As a formal pilot who managed to get into law school (I didn’t start it) before pivoting to tech I can tell you it couldn’t be further from the truth. To date I’ve had far more training on subjects involving ethics for my degree in aviation than for anything else I’ve done, even my master’s degree in computer science. Not only should the latter degree change but the requirements for most jobs to need such a degree need to change as well."


Wenn ein Politiker einen Neustart mit frischen und unverbrauchten Köpfen fordert, dann meint er damit seinen eigenen.

Really great Google. First you strangle a excellent product (Google Reader),. Now, like a necromancer, you summon a mangled subset of it's features as Zombie.


I like the refreshing approach of Valve towards self-servicing the Steam Deck. The approach "You shouldn't be doing this, but this is how you do it right" is meeting the customer on equal footing instead of doing all that FUD about voiding warranty.


Kudos to Valve

P.S. I am not unbiased, pre-ordered my Steam Deck within the first hour.

Desk space is precious and short in supply therefore I am wall-mounting my small PCs:

"This is a discussion that's going poorly, I know what will fix it, let's expand it to an immensely larger group of people!!!"

How often has this seemed emminently reasonable to you?

Boosts appreciated.

#MarketplaceOfIdeas #ConnectTheWorld #Conversation

The first two episodes are out. This is going to be a very special experience for me. #Foundation #Asimov


When my parents divorced in 1972, my mother moved back home to her parents into the vacation home they offered for tourists.

At that time, my grandfather was working on this piece:

I was six years at that time, my grandfather already older than 70 years. I stood there fascinated while he was working in the forge creating this marvelous piece. It has now passed to me, as I didn’t want it to end up on a scrap yard. I want to derust and oil it. Then I have to find a place for it.

Kiel, die freundliche Schlangengrube an der Förde
… oder wie man merkt, dass die Staatsanwaltschaft die Datenschützer nicht mag. Leider kein Einzelfall …

Quelle: m.kn-online.de/Nachrichten/Sch

Twitter is not actively blocking clicking in linked tweets.... You get a huge popup to login and when you close it, Twitter puts you back where you came from .....

The blast-radius of the Akamai outage yesterday is shocking. I have seen services fail that even on the second look have no connection to Akamai and those hidden connections will be hell to debug.

I usually play on "story mode". The goal of playing is to enjoy myself. All ages, all abilities should be true for games as well.


Our choice of food may indicate our favorite tonight …

Murder of the Haitian president

The protection detail of the Haitian president doesn’t seem to have sustained any losses while the president was killed while staying in his home.

It seems that the attackers were able to infuse at least confusion by presenting themselves as D.E.A. agents.

This implies that a massive armed intervention of the USA in other countries without any announcement is seen as a realistic scenario by local security forces and this fact is being exploited by criminals.

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