The blast-radius of the Akamai outage yesterday is shocking. I have seen services fail that even on the second look have no connection to Akamai and those hidden connections will be hell to debug.

I usually play on "story mode". The goal of playing is to enjoy myself. All ages, all abilities should be true for games as well.

Our choice of food may indicate our favorite tonight …

Murder of the Haitian president

The protection detail of the Haitian president doesn’t seem to have sustained any losses while the president was killed while staying in his home.

It seems that the attackers were able to infuse at least confusion by presenting themselves as D.E.A. agents.

This implies that a massive armed intervention of the USA in other countries without any announcement is seen as a realistic scenario by local security forces and this fact is being exploited by criminals.

Random Numbers and “How not to generate them”

My professor in Operations Research spent two months in 1989 on explaining what you can do wrong with random numbers (specifically computer generated ones). This mistake was so trivial that he spent just two minutes on it and everyone was laughing because it seemed to abvious.

For me this sounds like someone copied an example from StackOverlow or a similar source: “srand(time());”

What we need are non-practising entities that let victims pool together rights and go after those who file fraudulent copyright claims.

It might not make financial sense for an individual to sue for any particular infraction, but pooling might result in economics of scale that make it worthwhile to pursue infringers.

-- joshuaissac @ HN

#copyright #npe #NonPracticingEntities #ClassAction #CopyrightAbuse #Google

Corona & EM: ein (kleiner) Menschenversuch

Case Study: Finnland gegen Belgien
Finnische Zuschauer: ~3.000
Davon bei der Einreise getestet: ~2.200
Davon positiv getestet: 300

Etwa 800 Zuschauer sind ohne Tests zurück in's Land gekommen.

Nach dem großen Erfolg dieses Versuch plant man ihn heute mit 45.000 Zuschauern zu wiederholen, im Halbfinale mit 60.000.

U.S. Healthcare Is So Trash This Game’s Localization Needed Changing

The American healthcare system is so uniquely terrible among developed countries that a localization team translating a recent indie game had to completely replace a line about crowdfunding an emergency medical procedure because it wouldn’t make sense to players outside of the United States.

Feeling old:

I sometime have a trainee supporting me on my job. They help me to get rid of all my tickets. The last one suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. I asked “Victor, what is it?” and he replied “I just found out: you have an open ticket that is older than me.”

My fourth DYI haircut... Slowly practice builds up. No accident this time ...

Does anyone have contact to the people operating Pluspora (

Definition Ehrenamt?


Die Streitereien im DFB interessieren mich nicht, aber beim Überfliegen stolperte ich über den folgenden Halbsatz:

"Während Keller für die jährliche Aufwandsentschädigung von 246.000 Euro ein Ehrenamt bekleidet, […]"

Das verträgt sich nicht mit meinem Verständnis von Ehrenamt. Dazu kommt, dass Aufwandsentschädigungen sozialversicherungsbeitragsfrei sind.

Ich denke nicht, dass die Apotheke noch lange "live" haben wird ...

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Falls man noch einen Beweis braucht, dass die Menschliche Dummheit unendlich ist ....

Someone laundering money?

What to do when you Dryer is sending/receiving 1GB/day to/from an EC2 instance?

> Our LG dryer (a DLE3500W) has started sending and receiving 1GB+ of daily traffic to an ec2 instance. For now we've blocked it at the router and written to LG while we try to figure out if this if firmware gone awry or a compromised device.

> I'm curious if others have seen this?

As someone wrote in the comments "The S in IOT stands for security."

VM with RDP?
I am looking for a small VM that can be accessed with RDP and offers a bit o graphics. A complete Windows seems oversized (and requires a license) as I need it just as a small demo. Preferably it provides a small game or some eye candy. Any ideas?

Backgrounds: I am setting up a small demo how to make RDP / SSH accessible in a safe and secure way with full auditing. I need a simple RDP service for that demo.

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