Wow, I got a doctor’s order to play action oriented video games

Background: After my accident I had a cast for six weeks and an orthosis for eight weeks on my right wrist. So it did not get a lot of movement with my right hand lately.

The doc knew the difference between classic and action RPGs and recommended the later to improve the mobility further. He found “Shadow of War” a suitable choice.

For once I am 100% motivated to fully abide a doctor’s order…

Delta-V is coming

The new book from Daniel Suarez is coming on 23rd April 2019. I can’t wait for it but have to ;-).

For more details see:

My copy is pre-ordered for some time now ;-).

Google is spending it’s karma points as if there is no tomorrow:

It’s seems management thinks that the G+ shutdown worked really well and now they can start leaving other customers hanging in the air…

The End of G+

Current posts to G+ seem to me a bit like cargo cult behavior ;-).

The poster puts up some posts with questions (“build some mock runways”) and hopes that the devs return to answer them (“the planes land and bring cargo again”).

The war is over, the developers are gone and now work for Uber/Oracle.

G+ users live on a forsaken island of social media that is about to go under. One would receive several orders of magnitude more developer love if he/she switches over to Myspace.

Lust auf Kiel?

Ausnahmsweise ein Post mit Job-Bezug.

Wir hätten da ein paar Stellen offen:

Der Job beinhaltet das unbezahlbare Vergnügen mit mir zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen!

Weitere offene Stellen unter:


One of the few soothing facts about the Brexit is that the English can play the drama queen as good as everybody else...

Angesichts der aktuellen Passwort-Debatte ist mein Beitrag von vor ein paar Jahren eigentlich immer noch akut…

hey, Lazyweb, I got a problem: I need a mobile device that
* must have **HDMI or similar** (dongle would be acceptable)
* must be **small and lightweight** (under 14" screen size, 12" would be ideal)
* preferably has a _German PC keyboard layout_,
* is quiet and nice to look at.

Any suggestions?

#Germany, 2019. Riding an #electric #scooter like the Xiaomi #m365 is illegal and can cost you your drivers license and heavy fines. Diesel cars that do not meet the official requirements wrt emmissions are still happily driving around. #Dieselgate

Facebook is leaving racists posts online, but bans the trailer for "Gris" (Computer Game) as "sexually suggestive". Does anyone know what they smoke?

Spring cleaning in the digital age: Closing 100+ browser tabs…

RasPi PoE hat

The PoE hat makes the RasPi usage more practical for me. I no longer need a separate power supply. The only downside ís that it adds significantly to the price of the RasPi.

Einzige Anmerkungen zur Bayern-Wahl von mir:

a) Eigentlich hat die CSU keine Stimmen verloren, nur ist der rechte Flügel jetzt eine eigene Partei.

b) Wir sehen eine Entwicklung, die in den USA Trump an die Macht gebracht hat: Statt des alten "Rechts vs. Links" haben jetzt eher ein "Urban vs. Rural".

c) Wenn die SPD die GroKo durchzieht, dann riskiert sie bald die 5%-Hürde zu reißen.

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