I used the ProcessMonitor to show me every process accessing any .wav file. This showed me the Explorer.exe to be the culprit and because it detected a USB removal every few seconds. Though I had the path of the USB device, I did not know which one to blame.

The USB Device Tree Viewer came to my rescue. The villain in this piece was a USB hub with no device attached. I removed it and will debug it once my nerves are back to normal. 2/2

Notification crisis

My PC was driving me insane yesterday. Every 2-3 seconds, a Windows Notfication Sound would sound and I didn’t no why. No notification would pop up, no drive appear or disappear.

At first I used the Task Manager to see if services were restarting, but to no avail.

Shifting through the EventViewer also yielded no result. I saw a lot of error message, but googling all those gave me “Can be safely ignored” by Microsoft.

By time I got there, it really was driving me nuts. 1/2

Zum Glück hat er am Ende 500m in Sichtweite vor dem Endbahnhof 15min rumgestanden. Da fühlte ich mich dann wieder im richtigen Film.

Die Bahn

Der Zug ist pünktlich, es fehlt kein Wagon, er fährt in der richtigen Reihung auf dem geplanten Gleis, es sind Plätze frei und der Speisewagen hat mein favorisiertess Gericht.

Total unheimlich!

Die Farce ist endlich vorbei...

Man sollte zu dem Verfahren wissen, dass die Fördergeber nach den Vorwürfen ihre eigenen Prüfungen veranlasst hatten. Mit den Ergebnissen der Prüfungen waren die Fördergeber alle samt und sonders zufrieden und haben dann nach kurzer Zeit die Förderung fortgesetzt. Die Staatsanwaltschaft hat diese Ergebnisse über Jahre hinweg ignoriert.


Screw the screw!

Removing it was so intense that my fitness tracker granted me 15 training minutes.

I really hate it when an appliance manufacturers (for outside use) skimp on such a cheap item.

My Google+ account still works as I am a Google Suite user (not for very much longer). It is a bit creepy seeing the digital rot in action: my stream becomes emptier by the hour.

Juding from the number of ads I am being served, I do not predict a bright future to the U in UK.


ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

Anderes Thema als #Datenschutz: Unterstützt bitte durch Spenden die Hilfe in Südostafrika nach dem Zyklon Idai, z.B. über @helpfromgermany help-ev.de/laender/simbabwe/sp

The CDU MEP @caspary@twitter.com who claimed without offering any proof that protestors against #Article13 were paid to protest now warns that fake news are a real risk for the upcoming election for the European Parliament. You can’t make this stuff up. noz.de/deutschland-welt/politi

Bei Sekunde 25 stehe ich 1m rechts vom Bild ;-)

Denkt bitte alle daran, morgen auf die Demo zu gehen!

Please everyone, join the protests tomorrow!


Review: Delta-v by Daniel Suarez

Excelling in one crisis might get you thrown right into the next one. And help is just 200+ millions of miles away. Your dried food requires waters that you harvest yourself from one of the most inhospitable environments known to humanity. And this is the good news section…

You find the full review in my blog: blog.literarily-starved.com/20

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