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hello mastodon!
i haven't been very present lately because i was busy with my comic but that's finally about to end! 😊

i'm running a thunderclap campaign to celebrate completing my first chapter AND the webcomic's anniversary 🎉 🎊 🍾 (hadn't planned it to be that way but this is quite nice)

you can support the campaign here

your support would really mean a lot to me so please don't be shy and get in there!

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Ce soir, on finit !!

of one the many characters from !!
I just love this one ^^

I love this new LibreOffice! With the possibility to export to ePub ♥

Aaaaand every time I finish a painting, I think "I should have sticked with 3 values..."

Oh well...

Tatll the goblin vermin by goblin standards

Yeah... he's a jerk.

Here comes Brlah He's here to punch you

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I did the and it was a very fun experience!! If some artist want to exchange boards and improve along the way, I'm up for it!!
Thanks for @radogasy for the idea!

Bon, après déjà 3 jours avec ma Huion Kamvas, je sais que je reviendrai pas en arrière.
L'écran n'est pas aussi bon que celui de mon moniteur mais il est très correct et gigantesque.
+ Bon dieu qu'un double écran, c'est sympa!!

C'était un peu long à paramétrer aussi mais il y a une sorte de satisfaction à adapter la machine pour soi. ^^

Bonus : c'est moins cher qu'une cintiq et le pied est livré avec - pas comme la Wacom Mobile Studio Pro qui n'en a toujours pas après plus d'un an!!

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heck yeah I'm an artist Show more

So, I just did a piece with David Bowie as a cat...

What do you think about it and its alternative versions? :)