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Hi, I'm Malin. I like to draw portraits, animals and fanarts apparently ^^

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Some good news: exit polls indicate Ireland 🇮🇪 has overwhelmingly voted to overturn their abortion ban, in place since 1983. A huge victory for women's rights.

Tried a little something with Conan
Hope you like it!

Maybe I will color it soon. Maybe on Twitch?

Merci @NotaBeneMovies !
J'ajouterais que la série Battlefield est une œuvre de fiction donc elle reflète les valeurs qu'on veut. Donc si vos valeurs datent de 1930, il est temps de les actualiser!

Well, hello to my new followers ^^
I hope you'll like what I post.
Today, no new drawing since I'm not satisfied with the pose of my character. I'll tinker with that tomorrow.
Anyway, have a nice day/evening/night wherever you are! 😉

Red Sonja
I wanted to do a Conan / Red Sonja diptych and started with Conan but ended up finishing Red Sonja first ^^
I hope you like it!

Oh mon dieu le dernier épisode de était tellement parfait! L'humour, la musique <3 et les voix des deux créatures juste pour cet épisodes : 👌

Is there a toot fairy?

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Si vous avez Netflix, allez voir Aggretsuko !!! è_é

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...and once again, I got carried away. Was just going to just do a simple, basic figure, then just the rough lineart, then had to add a wee bit of shading, then more, then some highlights and dangit... now my hand hurts and my thumb is twitching strangely, but she's done. ish. Enough for now. I'm stopping. Gah. 😐

So: here's "music", with a lil bit of #mermay smushed over the top of the #dailysketchchallenge. Thoughts?

#mastoart #arttoot #digitalart #mermaid #drawing #art

Very rough WIP for the next

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I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don't have as many people who believe it.
-- George Carlin

#anarchism #quote #bot

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#mermay 10 ème jour "Stickers" 🐳🌟
Je me suis bien amusée alors je ferai une version "fée" plus tard :)

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What we mean by equality between the sexes is not just that men will no longer oppress women. We also want men to no longer be oppressed by other men and women no longer to be oppressed by other women.
-- He Zhen

#anarchism #quote #bot

not a bit late 😂 - I'm gonna take my time and just enjoy playing with colors this month.
Sometimes, it's good to take things easy ^^

Oh by the way, it is supposed to be Luna Lovegood - I'm not sure it is clear so here you go!

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PeerTube veut devenir l'alternative française et décentralisée à YouTube -

> Le YouTube français et décentralisé propulsé par Framasoft entend s'attaquer au géant Google. PeerTube est un logiciel libre actuellement disponible en version bêta ouverte au public.

#peertube #google #youtube #décentralisé avec du @Framasoft et du @Chocobozzz dedans

A quand un Mamastodon?

A small moray eel merman. This one is a bit tricky to find but the character has kinda the same temperament as a moray eel.